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"Rise of Nations is also unique in the fact that it was developed by famed RTS designer Brian Reynolds, who has been responsible for great RTS games such as Civilization II."

What a staggering display of ignorance from the reviewers.

Shouldn't a basic knowledge of what is being reviewed be required before being chosen to do a review?
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  1. What does this have to do with the game?

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  2. I see what you guys mean, but I just think they're trying to draw in CivII fans

    I must admit, I'm a huge CivII fan, and haven't played Rise of Nations yet

    It's all good ^_^
  3. I love civ 2 and the original aoe but I don't think I'm ready for another clone.

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  4. I'm tempted to buy it. It looks interesting.

    The last RTS game I bought was Medieval Total War. It's very cool in the sense you control HUUUGE armies, but there's something lacking. I've been looking for an RTS to obsess over, and RON might be the one...

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  5. I'm going to take some flak, but I've swapped my opinion 180 from what it was when I got the game a week or so ago. It was good, but simply got old. Like Tom's and Gamespy think. RTS of the Year. Well I surely hope not! (I'd rather the War3 expansion get it. Frozen throne is very fun! Besides... Blizzard actually updates their games until they're right...

    I should add that RoN is "crashy" on my win98 box, and a friends XP box I built him. The window98 crashing was supposidly "fixed". I still crash post-patch. I will say that BHG is trying to "add" things they feel missing in the game.(duh, someone cut stuff out from their release date!<grin>) That's commendable. They just need to do some "fixing" like so many games need. (This is exreamly annoying in campian mode)

    In the beginning everyone said, aw it's just an EE clone. (That still is hilarious, as every game is a clone of something >:( )
    Well I'm hear to tell you, it's more of an EE spin-off, instead of knock-off.

    It wasn't like EE... The first few days, I'm sick of the game now though LoL! It's like a bad combination of Risk/Risk II for SNES/Sega G, only that it's not very fun and Empire Earth just not quite the scale, and the battle dynamics I feel are not on par with EE. It's not just a "cousin" like AOE/EE gameplay(battles) would be. This is more like big brother and 'lil sis. Anyone trying to be honest can pick it out plains as day too.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't live up to it's hype IMHO. The campaign part really is nothing more than a cheap, smaller version of Risk, while the play dynamics are not as good as Empire Earth. It's also not of *quite* the same scale as EE.

    Keep in mind this is a *very* economic dependant game. For battles of any magnitude you will need no less than five expansions, bare minimum. I don't feel comfortable until 6. That's normally what it takes to feed resources. (In turbo rescource mode, it takes 5)

    AFA the battles. It's not bad at all, and I enjoyed 1 infantry created shows up as 3 soldiers. Rather neat and gives the game a larger scale. Having ground units turn directly into peusedo WWII landing craft is also a neat touch.


    Back to reality, I quit playing EE when the original Warcraft III alpha came out last Christmas. I've since dusted it off to play a game with better army dynamics.

    To me EE is a better balance. It requires expansion, but not in the same drastic way as RoN dose. Also it's fighting is better with many more options overall.
    RoN is not a cheap knock off of EE, that should not be said. It dose shoot for the scale and wonderful battle dynamics, and to me, misses the mark. Not by a great deal, but enough so that when I want to play a large scale RTS, I'd choose EE almost any day :\

    Don't forget that the campaign really is a cheap knock off of the worst Risk genre clones :'( (can you tell I was really disappointed in it?)


    This isn't an I love EE post, I've tried to be honest, and fair by calling it like I feel. It also isn't to say that EE dose NOT have it's own problems... Multiplayer connection was supposedly "fixed" Well really it only got 50% better, and they way it's laid out... I would rather it just be the old way with more information >:\


    If you had EE and didn't like how it played, you still have a shot of loving this game. There are fewer options than EE. In fact, this is who I think the target audiance is.

    The person that couldn't get use to the sheer massive scale of EE, but wants more than a 4 tier AOE offers. (I leave out War3; they reblance it just often enough to keep everyone on their toes)

  6. Oh I will say attacking new territories in campain mode is really really fun! Till you get sick of it! ;)

    That's my entire deal with the game. Everything in it I like, other games simply do it better.

    I did forget to mention that it's a pretty game.
  7. Worst review ever...

    Do Dave and Weston work for Microsoft? Or maybe they just never played Age of Empires? Reading their review of RoN felt like i was reading of review of AoE. Revolutionary? Game of the year? These guys are on serious amounts of crack.
  8. My thoughts precisely.
  9. Has any reviewed game here done poorly?
  10. Hmmm.... Here is the point I was trying to make. Civ2 is not an RTS and as far as I know this is Brian Reynolds first RTS.
  11. That's a good point esso. I don't think the THG reveiwer has ever met a game he didn't love...

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  12. I agree. This review must be one of the worst i have ever read about a game.

    I've played the demo for over a week now and am not all that excited about this game. There is no eye candy. The graphics are mediocre and the AI is terrible. The pathing needs work and there are some serious balance issues. This RTS does not push the envelope. I'm thinking that the guys who reviewed this game have never played a RTS before. They talk about the zooming ability.. so what? No real RTS player ever uses the zoom feature. never.

    All in all, this game reminds me alot of Empire Earth with a touch of Civ in it. Not that big of a deal. Perhaps it might catch on with a good multiplayer community interface though.
  13. I played Empire Earth until I got tired of crushing noobs...RON sounded interesting to me until I started readin reviews on other sites. Even though the reviews are generally positive, there are some things about the game that sound very unbalanced, and I'm not crazy about the epoch system...at least the way it's been described. And what's this crap about anti-rushing being a good thing? Decent RTS players should be able to win under any circumstance without having to dumb-down the rules...

    And haq, you're right. Empire Earth has a very good zoom feature, which I think I used like three times right after I bought the game...

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  14. haqattaq

    The Graphics are real 3D unlike aoe, look 100X better than EE, and slightly better than war3. To say the graphics are mediocre is saying what you want, right now has never been done...

    The AI is fine in the retail game. No better or worse than in any other game I can think of... It can squash you on it's hardest, and it can give an intence fight right under that... WTF more do you want?

    Anti-rushing is optional, and if you were so good at EE, you'd remember how easy it was to rush someone in the second OR third age, then upgrade to the fouth at the start of the fight and wax them.

    I would guess that's what the OPTION is trying to help newbies get some practice, the option is in other games... Why rag this one?

    AFA the balancing... Fighting, economy, and races; they're balanced enough... Any good player should be able to cover his and his races weakness, while exploiting his stregnths and the weakness of his enemy's race, and style of play...

    Nothing is out of balance... One duh trick is to beat your opponent to the WWI era with machine guns and mow them down, but you've won it anyways if you can successfully do that.
  15. Both of your comments are nearly all unfounded. Sorry...
  16. Actually, it was far easier to club-rush them at about 11:00 F11 in the first age...If they had thoughts of going stone age, you could catch them with no army...and then listen to them cry....Or if they had an army, you assured they would have to defend themselves, meaning it wasn't going to be a race to guns.

    The first person who tries to boom loses...

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  17. What is "unfounded" about my comments? I was issuing an opinion based upon information that I had acquired while reading about the game. An opinion is not an assertion of fact, and as such, requires no foundation. I also did not say that I wouldn't buy the game or play it...just that I didn't like the sound some of the things I'd heard about--in theory. For example: one reviewer (I believe it was THG guy) said that epoch advancement takes place quicker than in EE. Well, I actually don't really like that idea...in fact, I actually would prefer it to be more difficult to advance epochs...

    Now, if I get the game, I may found out that the review was incorrect or exagerrating, and I will amend my opinion.

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  18. I don't know what the THG reviewer was talking about as "quicker"... In EE you build another building and provided you have the rescources you upgrade.

    By "fast", He must be referring to the not quite so large span of the game. You can jump a level a head very quickly by simply researching two tech lines, however you still must go back and research the skipped ones too level more.
  19. Rise of Nations rocks!!!

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  20. Holy thread resurrection, Batman!

    PS. I give it a 6/10, partially because I have a hard time staying interested in RTS.
  21. I like it.
    I think it is better than WC3...that just couldnt hold my attention, too basic for my liking. RON is mor like an action version of Civ2.

    A game is a game, if you like it then 'you' think its good. just because someone else thinks its pap, doesnt mean thats neccesarily true. games are like music and art, its all subjective to a certain extent (exceptions to this being most console drivle). if you like it, great, if you dont, thats just fine too.

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  22. Ditto, RON is fun. Get off its case RTS snobs...

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  23. I give it 9/10

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  24. I thought the single player was pretty boring, I only played about 5 'levels' of it. But, I've had a lot of fun with it over the lan, and just by myself against the computer. Good game I'd say overall.
  25. Multiplayer RON is Great, 9/10, if only it had a slightly bigger popultaion limit, but i've now found out how to fix it so i can have 1000+
    so that said, i now give it 10/10, it's everything good from al games out to gether into one game!

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  26. This game is so good that one of my friends (who used to hate RTS games) love this game!

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  27. It's a fun game.

    However, simple things that you probably can do, but I'm not doing are bothering me.

    For example...is there a way to toggle between your cities?

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  28. Do you want to say that there's no way to change the capital?

    That's a problem.

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  29. Well it just seems to me that you have to scroll all over the place. Isn't there another way?

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  30. Clicking the mini-map works well enough for me. Just have to be careful not to accidentally send your units half way across the map.
  31. Oh, yes. That's a problem. But there is mini-map, so it's not hard to live without this feature

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