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I've been looking for cooling on my 15.4'' widescreen laptop. It heats when I'm playing games. My warranty is up, and I don't want to risk it.

I saw that THG did a comparsion a while back, I checked out the Cooler Master pad at the local school but it states on their website that its for 15'' laptops.

Anyone has any ideas for a good cooling solution?
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  1. one of the 15" coolers should work fine, the comp will just hang off the sides a bit :)

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  2. just by chance, do u know if the new coolmaster cooling pad "Notepal" is better? or is the old "coolpad" better?

    I cant find reviews for it. Frigging CanadaComputers is out of stock. Back order is like a month. And the vantec one SUCKS (according to THG, for batt life)
  3. I couldnt tell you for sure but the Notepal certainly looks superior.

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