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I now have a server in the cloud but I need to add printers to that server and be able to use my private ip addresses on the printers. Any ideas?
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  1. That (cloud)server is on a different network, and won't see your private network IP addresses of your printers. You will need a local print server.
  2. Ok. The product that I have requires that the printers be installed on the actual server.
  3. How are you connecting to the cloud server?
  4. Have not started using it yet. It will be a web page I go to
  5. Without knowing specifics as to the operating system, network infrastructure, etc., it is very difficult to offer a solution.
  6. The server is running 2008 R2
  7. Maybe this:

    I just don't know how the drivers work.
  8. I have Windows Server 2008 R2 running in the cloud, I access the server via Remote Desktop Connections, and RDP installs the printer drivers if you have print services enabled.

    Here is the MSDN article that references the setup:
  9. Will this work if the printers are on a different IP addresses scheme?
  10. My server sits in the Amazon cloud
  11. I use remote desktop to connect to the Servers, and it redirects the local printers to the server to print.
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  15. Which server is better for Cloud Solution for Ecommercial sites??
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