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I'm currently trying to decompress the data from downloading it from utorrent, but everytime it gives me an error (after about 50% to finishing) that says 'Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library' and goes on to say Runtime Error, the application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. I have Visual C++ btw. Anyone know a way to make it go away and continue decompressing? Any help will be much appreciated!
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  1. You can decompress it when the file is 100% downloaded on your drive other than that you'll encounter problems because it's an inaccessible incomplete file. Though it is also possible when the files are complete but only if they are in small increments and if they are one big chuck you'll just need to finish the download then you'll be able to do what you want.
  2. I'm having the same problem. I like how the other guy just assumes the download wasn't finished instead of asking if that's the case; I've downloaded it, deleted it and re-downloaded it to 100% a few times, and every time I run the installer it gives this error at around 50%.
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    Edit:After u attempt to install and it gives u the runtime error, just try to launch the game like it worked and let it patch... thats what DF support told this guy to do, and it worked
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