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Hey guys I want to know some good pc coop games. Like call of duty 5 had tht option and rainbow six vegas 2. Are there any other good coop games you guys recommend?

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  1. left 4 dead/left 4 dead 2
  2. Alright thanks mate. Ill take a look at that game. Any others?
  3. Gears of war for PC, Also COD Black Ops - havent tried the coop yet but there is a coop mode I believe, like left for dead, try Killing Floor, it can accomodate 5 or 6 players
  4. Thanks. i actually bought black ops but the only coop i see is for zombies. Is it possible to play the story mode in coop?
  5. Call of Duty 5: World at War at a 2 person, story-mode coop, I believe.
  6. Call of duty Black ops doesn't have any coop other than the zombies/Online if you count being on a team together.

    Second Like Dekasav said Call of Duty 5 has a 2 player Story mode, Plus zombies.

    Splinter Cell Conviction has COOP

    Borderlands Has 4 player coop (its an FPS/RPG Hybrid)

    ArmA2 has Coop Big Coop to, but the game is very realistic

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has Spec ops, which are a bunch of 2 player (i think 2 player could be 4) missions that are ranked and such

    Deadrising 2 has amazing COOP ( its just fun killing zombies together)

    And the list goes on and on, here go on this website and its full of COOP games
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