COD 4 Modern Warfare freezes my PC. >.<

Firstly, this problem annoys the living.... !@#!@# out of me. So any help will be dearly appreciated.

Here is what happens. I play COD4 MW1 online with a legal copy on local (South African) servers.
My game has always run smoothly and without problems. But recently it started to freeze my computer, no errors, no nothing, just freezes, sound stops and repeats the last noise that it was making, i'm guessing most people here have had a PC freeze on them. haha

Also sometimes I can play for an hour without it freezing, sometimes it freezes in the first 5min of playing, it doesn't freeze while i'm doing something specific also, sometime the game is loading, sometime i'm playing, sometimes i'm just standing still. Thus there is no real pattern of any sorts that I can see.

Now recently Ive installed a new game and as far as I can remember it Updated my Direct X, also I've tried installing the latest Nvidia Drivers for my 8600GT. So i'm guessing maybe one of these could be the culprit? Maybe sound drivers? although i haven't changed anything to do with them in ages, so i kinda rules that out. Also none of my other games do this, and like I said my COD only started doing this recently, use to work fine.

Im running a Intel due 2.66, 8600GT, 4gig ram in dual channel, Window 7 Ultimate. Dono if specs are necessary, but since its most likely driver related maybe they can help. Also i realize this PC is getting a bit outdated, although its never had trouble running COD before, and also never froze before. :)

Also I am no PC expert, so feel free to tell me I'm totally wrong, just as long as help me to fix it. :)
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  1. Try checking your video card temp maybe it's overheating. Also CPU temp
  2. Im sorry for the excessively late reply, i have been away on holiday and didnt have access to this site for quite a while. Also thank you for the reply.

    Although the problem still seems to persist. :(

    Here i have included temperatures of my pc and the components, im no PC expert, so im not sure if my Graphics card Temp is to high, also if it is, how would one cool it down? Also if it never did this in the past, why would it all of a sudden start doing this?

    My case currently include three fans in the PSU, two on the side of the case, and the graphics card also have its own fan. And then obviously a CPU fan. Also i have cleaned out my pc and made sure that all the fans are running, and fully functional.

    Also, this temp is in idle, with only my browser running.

    Any other suggestions are welcome, and help would be dearly appreciated. :)
  3. is the temp on fullload?...if yeah then that is not a heat problems...i had similar problem but not freezing, the game go glitching cuzes from the old 8600....try to replace anyother card that can run the game...and see if the problem still
  4. This might sound a little weird, but I had a similar issue that was resolved by plugging a mic into my machine. Although my problem started when I upgraded to Win 7.
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