Spontaneous Shutdown and Beeping

A designer, I built my system for high end 3d work. I'm intermediate level hardware proficient, and excellent at researching - however I've had recent problems that are becoming more common, and would appreciate input, at least to guide me in the right direction.

My PC (specs below), will spontaneously shut down and restart itself on occasion. This happens about once in eight hours or so, although, sometimes more often, and seems to be getting more common. It used to happen mostly just on Win 98, but now on 2000 as well. When it restarts, sometimes it starts fine - but more and more often will stop and give a long beeping sound, or intermittent mid length beeps, and needs to be cold restarted.

I had some problems with my ram and 98, but had this problem previous to that.

Specs: CUV4X-V Asus Motherboard, 800 PIII, 1.5 gigs ram.

Any research guidance would be appreciated.

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  1. Because it does it in both operating systems, I tend to doubt that it is a software issue. I would check the CPU temp using hardware monitoring. I have experienced a similar problem with a computer I built for my uncle's company. Turned out the CPU fan died so the CPU was super hot. If the computer is being used for several hours without adequate cooling, it can easily exceed the bios warning temp and freeze up. Just a thought, check it out.

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