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Hi, im a big gamer and play a large variety of games on my desktop. I've been playing Heroes of Newerth (HoN) for a long time now and it has not frozen once..ever. But when i play other games like Age Of Empires III, Starcraft 2 or Call of Duty MW2, my computer freezes. Here is what happens, ill be playing having a good time for maybe 5 minutes..and then the screen freezes, it doestn go black it just freezes on the spot and my heafset basically explodes with the loudest -almost- static sound that makes me throw the headset to the ground as fast as possible. Sometimes its not that loud, but there is always that sound. After that i need to restart my computer. The catch is this only happens with most games but not all, i played WoW before and it used to happen all the time, but then it stopped doing it. I tried playing Age of Empires 3 with my freinds yesterday, and 5 minutes into the game, same problem. PLEASE someone help me, idk what it could be, i feel like it could be anything. PLEASE HELP
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  1. Hard freezes like that are mostly due to driver problems. Make sure your sound and display drivers are up to date.
  2. Hm, i feel like everything is up to date, i recently downloaded the driver updates for my video card and sound card. Is there like a windows display update i can do or anything of that sort?
  3. Get a temperature monitoring app, monitor CPU and VC during your game by Alt-Tab when your at 4mins. but if you believe its not that. You need to run full test of your memory but I'm inclined to say that it's not software or driver issue.

    I believe this happens when you are playing games only, correct? And during normal operations like browsing or typing or watching movies it doesn't occur.
  4. Have you try cleaning your pc maybe dust is the cause which can lead to overheating? You might want to check out your cpu and gpu temps when playing.
  5. Im having the same problem lucasg90. I have a open case meaning I leave the side is off. My freezes only happen in games and not all games. I usually play for 10-30 minutes and then it hard freezes. But this has never happened before. I updated Nvidia drivers recently to a newer version and it seems like after this I started noticing the freezes. I rolled back the driver to the driver I was using before but I still get the freezes? I have a 800 mhz power supply so I know it's not that. It might be overheating of the cpu but then again I have a open case and never had a problem before? What is a normal cpu tempature and gpu for that matter? Im running a Nvidia 460 GFX 1 G video card. Any suggestions will help!
  6. In the middle of an intense game{COD MW2}, the whole system freezes and i have to reboot, new memory{Kingston 8gb} , new motherboard{Asus}, new graphics card{6870}, new power supply{820w Crosair} all within 3 months- little dust only thing left is chip 2.4 quad 775 and sound card Fata1ty{4yrs old} - Antec 900 case temperatures all at normal. Sound card is next to go suspect its the drivers with Win 7 Pro - also get blue screen of death. Of course this only happens when i'm winning the game, never when I have been killed 17 times with no kills by me!!!
  7. could be a sound driver battle between on board and your card. what vid card and what sound card ? If ATI/AMD card, try disabling the sound through HDMI from the control panel ( windows control panel ) . Since you are running a separate sound card you should go into the BIOS and turn off the "stock" sound.... set to none or off.
    the game also has it's own sound settings. a ways back i remember one of the COD series having EAX or other sound items in the games control panel. you should look into that. also there were problems with sound while internet something or other was enabled ( COD ) shutting it off helped. can't remember what that was though.
  8. You were right Mr Morgan - 10 out of 10 - PC sound battling Audio card.

    You are right Swifty fixed it two weeks ago and now perfect sound, fewer crashes.

    Now NEW problem went into hacked server at the weekend every game since I have no UAV the box is just fuzzy. Any thoughts?

    I deleted config file and verified integrity of game through Steam still no joy. Beginning to have second thoughts about MW3 getting tired of hacks etc.
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