Pcsx2, C2D E6550 & Hd 5450 Question

I'm building my girl a htpc with the left over parts I have after I built a new CI7 rig. That parts I have left over are a Gigabyte P-35-DS3R mobo, C2D E6550 @2.33 ghz (will probably oc to 2.7), 2 gigs of corsair value select DDR2 667 ram (getting 1 or 2 more gigs to use W7 x64), 350 watt psu (antec), 2x250gb WD sata hdds.

The only things I need to buy are a small case, BR drive and a gpu (HD5450). My girl likes older games (8- early 32 bit era) and will want me to install emulators and I wonder if the set up I listed will work well with pcsx2? When I had the old computer in question I used it to play ps1 games epsxe and had no problems. At that time I was using an x850 and had some issues with some ps2 games while playing pcsx2.

What I want to know is will the C2D @ 2.7 ghz and the HD 5450 allow her to play ps2 games at full speed with no glitches/ slowdown (I know some games are not fully working with the emulator). I am not interested in moving to a higher spec C2D or a Ci3/Ci5 so that's not an option. Equivalent nvidia cards are also not an option as they cost alot more.

Can anybody who has this exact setup or a weaker on tell me how pcsx2 has worked out for you so I can have an idea if she can play ps2 games or if she will have to stick to ps1/ n64 along with her old school emulators. Also the only dedicated pc games she plays will be small stuff like PvZ, audiosurf and bejeweled.
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  1. Nobody uses pcsx2 on a similar machine??
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