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Hello guys after latest patch my framerate dropped from 20-40 fps on ultra setting to 7-8 fps on lowest settings so i decided its time to upgrade PC well heres my current PC:
Windows (Service Pack 3)
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX¨


and what i have in mind is to just update my CPU, RAM, and mobo
to these:
AMD Athlon II X3 450

my question is will it help? will i be able to play on at least medium setting with at least 40 fps?
and will those 3 things work well together? or any alternatives?
should i upgrade even my GPU?
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  1. You should not need to upgrade anything to play WoW on high with your system even with the new graphics. Try to turn down Shadows and Particles a bit see if that helps.
  2. Your gpu is ok-
    There are much better parts available though, btw, if an update caused the problem, Why dont u remove it? If not possible, reinstall the game ?
  3. WoW is massive multiplayer online game it requires latest version to play it

    anyway after this post i found out that said major framerate drop was result of kind of glitch so im back up running only slightly lower fps (from stable 60 to 40-60 depending on whats going in the game)

    but well anyway this put me on alarm and im looking at tuning up my PC performance a bit.
    Im not sure about it but is my current CPU enough for my GPU?

    basicaly right now im considering two options:
    upgrading my CPU(+mobo since my current one already have an issues and only AM2 socket+maybe ram since i only have DDR2 currently)

    buying aftermarket cooler and maybe try to overclock my CPU a bit never done it tho so im kinda hesitant, but i already found some great sources of info on overclocking and seems like something i should easily manage to do

    so this comes to the question is my CPU limiting my GPU? if yes would overclockinng provide significat increase in performance?

    other question im not entirely sure is im using WinXP atm would there be drop or increase in performance upgrading to Win7 and would there be any benefit going to 64 bit?
  4. Yes, cpu is apparently bottlenecking here-
    If you can oc with the mobo you have, do it.. then post back.
    increase fsb, and v core only by a little margin. watch for temps and check stabililty with prime 95 or occt.
  5. Windows 7 is a bit more of a hog on the CPU performance than XP (XP is still the greatest out there). But honestly, if you can, you can pop another 2 GB of RAM in there when you upgrade. I think 55range is right though, the processor is hindering the performance.

    MMOs are built to the lowest common denominator in computer specs. It has to appeal to all types of computers or it lacks the MMO.
  6. First of all you said you wanted to upgrade. I would recommend NOT buying that Asrock N68. I always say when building a computer put the most money into your KEY components especially your mobo and power supply. A 50 dollar board will not do yourself any favors, because your creating another bottleneck with that mobo alone.
    I think you should upradge to DDR3 system, and grab a phenom ii BE they're only around 100. Only 20 more dollars then your previous select, and if you get a mobo that unlocks cores PRESTO you just saved even more! DDR3 ram is cheap too 50 bucks for 4g's.
  7. Yeah, one of the patches ruined a lot of people's play experience, but as you said it's better now. What resolution do you play WoW on? You can get by with older video cards if you play at moderate to low rez, but if you go 1920x1200, you might have a hard time using high settings.

    As for upgrading, I don't know that I'd invest a lot in rebuilding a system just for WoW (unless it really is that bad!), but if you are starting to feel the pain of your system for other games or for productivity, then build away! If money is no issue, updating everything is always great, but if you have a tight budget, postponing means you get more for your money down the road.

    if you want to milk your system a little more:

    1. Like you said, get an little boost with OC. There are so many great guides to OCing online that a novice can do it as long you don't go extreme.

    3. Upgrade to Win7 64 bit and add some RAM as another poster mentioned.

    2. Pop in a gtx 460 or similar. Even with your old system you will see some improvement even if you are limited by your proc/mobo/mem; I have an ancient system with updated vid card & it helped me (I'm postponing my rebuild until 2011), and when you build your new system you can get another to SLI it (so the upgrade is not a waste).
  8. WoW is more CPU taxing than GPU heavy. However as it gets updated they do appear to be adding graphical advancements (eperimental DX11 support) so a video card upgrade wouldn't hurt. Also it is more geared toward duel core CPUs then triple or quad cores. So a duel core CPU upgrade with a faster clock speed is best. Another thing to keep in mind is monitor refresh rates & VSync. Basically if you leave VSync enabled you won't see frame rates higher than your monitor/screens refresh rates (60Hz/FPS for the average LCD).
  9. One last thing, if your running at or near ultra with add ons you'll want more than 2GB of RAM. I would recommend at least 3GB with 4 or more being best.
  10. WoW likes RAM, especially when you hit crowded areas, so that would be my first point of attack for a simple upgrade. If you are going to go ahead and upgrade the board, I'd consider a better quality board than the ASRock - quality on those can vary quite a bit
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