IronGate & Thunderbird, is it true ?

I have a MSI Athlon MS6167 MB(one of the first) that I'm running a Standard Athlon 500 oc to 700 on. I went to MSI's web page to look for a bios update and the latest bios say's that it will allow you to run a Thunderbird on your MB, can this be true ? Is their any one doing this ? I would like to know if their are problems. Thx
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  1. AFAIK there are no Slot A to Socket A converters (slotkets) due to chipset stability issues. My guess is it's a misprint. I believe AMD made Slot A TBirds when the chip was first released but they were only for OEMs.
  2. no, you can buy them (i almost did)

    But, I wouldn't get one,the Irongate is a crappy chipset anyways.
  3. Yes, you can buy a Slot A thunderbird. I have only seen 700mhz though. The look the same as any other Slot A Athlon. Some slot A mobo's cant run them and some can.
    Oh, and you can NOT get a "sloket" like you can with the Slot 1/370. They dont make them.

    AMD for Life!
  4. I have seen all speeds (even 1.2GHz Slot A)
  5. i asked this very same question a month ago on this community, but got no responce. i have, however recieved some info from a the french msi headquarters, they say that an 850 tbird is ok, and up to a 1ghz athlon. AMD says just the 800 (orig. athlon) is offically supported for this board. What bugs me is that on the msi website, they state that their board supports both the 1ghz tbird and athlon with the latest bios update. but when looking at the actual bios update download page, only the 950mhz is supported. strange i'd say. i want to put in a ghz tbird on my board but haven't found any site that has benchmarks or verifications of this happening.
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