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So after hours of searching, I FINALLY located my copy of F.E.A.R. I went to install it, got to the 5th and final disc, only to find out a file on said disc is corrupted, and installation fails. I have the key that came with the game when I purchased it. Is there any way I can download the game somewhere online and use my legitimate key, or am I out of luck and need to purchase another copy of the game?
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  1. Have you tried to make a image of the disc? You never know it might make a difference.
  2. I haven't. How would I do that, and how would the install process work?
  3. Download a program called imgburn, or some other software, and then create a image of the CD, then download a virtual drive (I used a program called magicdisc )

    Once you created a image of your disc, mount the image to the virtual drive, and it should run as if you used a physical disc.
  4. Oh gotcha. Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try
  5. No problems. Let me know how it works out for you.
  6. Well I tried to make an image and it immediately failed, saying it has a bad (unrecoverable) sector :/ I was able to locate an image if the disc on the web so I'm going to see if that works. Thanks again for the help
  7. The game finished installing when I used the image I found online (shows up in start menu, add/remove programs, program files) but FEAR.exe is missing. SO frustrating. Guess I'll just have to purchase another copy :/
  8. Get daemon tools or alcohol 120%, And judging by the sounds of it your DVD writer is fussy with discs,lol,If these image burners don't work then you will either have to purchase the instore/online
  9. If you have a friend who owns it, you could install from their discs, using your own code.
  10. Download the game's iso using a torrent and then use your legit cd key.If I remember correct fear doesn't need to verify that your cd is in the drive so you can make a legit copy.
  11. What kind of error do you get when you install your old disc? a file corruption error? or CRC error? Is the old disc already damaged and full of scratch? If its just a little damaged, you can try the toothpaste/peanut butter method of cleaning it..LOL :lol: It does work sometimes.. :sol: It worked for me once..
  12. I had the same problem with an Age of Empires 3 disk. It got almost to the end of the install and said it could not read a file. The worst part was that I have both expansions and could not play those either since the original game would not install.
    I tried to install the game using CD and DVD drives on several different computers, tried copying the disk, tried burning an image of the disk, and none of it worked.
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