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Gaming Problems (all of my games)

All of my Steam games seem to have the same problem. Anywhere from :30 - 20Min into gaming all of my games crash to desktop (CTD) with no errors or anything.

This is a maybe 3 week old gaming PC that I just finished building. I have never run a 64bit OS so im curious if this is the problem. I have played these same games on a 2yr old lappy, a Dell 1720 with a T9300 Core 2, 8600GTM, 4GB's of RAM, running 32Bit Win7. While the gameplay and visuals are no where near as good as my new PC it played them just fine.

My current PC is as follows:

i5 760 (stock)
Raidmax 830W PSU
2TB WD Caviar Green 5400RPM (64MB)
4 (2 x 2GB) Patriot Sector 5 RAM

All of my Steam Games; Bad Company 2, L4D, L4D2 all crash after no more than 30min of game play. Sometimes BC2 will CTD within minutes of joining a server. I'm very concerned at this having never run a 64bit OS.

First off I'll try to get the fixes that I have tried out of the way.

I was told to turn off Multi Core rendering. This doesn't do anything for L4D or L4D2, and it makes BC2 laggy as all hell.

I also went into Data Execution Prevention and created an exception for all 3 games to no avail.

In a last ditch effort I verified all game caches fore all 3 games and still nothing.

If anyone know how to fix this or is experiencing anything similar to this PLEASE HALP MEH!!!
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  1. Do you experience this with other games, or just Steam games?
  2. i would say heat or power supply.
    monitor temperatures as you game, both CPU and GPU, and tell us what they are when your game crashes.
    if you can monitor voltages too (in hwmonitor or similar) that may help
  3. Cant really help you much, but I am sure that it is not realted to using 64 bit OS. My friend plays on Steam all the time with a gaming laptop running 64 bit Win7 without any problems.

    You could try uninstalling steam and reinstalling it. I dont think you would even have to reinstall your games if you just said "repair" instead of replace when reinstalling.

    And as Koos inplied, if you are having problems with non-Steam games something else is going on, although you seem to imply that it is just Steam.
  4. Bad Company 2 use to crash for me to blue screen but i found what the problem was because i had my cpu overclocked and when i turned it down to stock it was all fine...i could play all my other games on my overclocked cpu tho
  5. It is only my Steam games, but I only have steam games. I was thinking it is my GPU (Definitly not my CPU, it gets to maybe 35C MAYBE. My case has an abundance of fans.

    Who ever said PSU...You dont think 830W is enough?!

    I guess I will try to increase the fan to 80%

    My GPU was at 72C running BC2 maxed on a 40" 1080 LCD and fan was running 70% i will try 10% increases to see if that helps.

    doubt the GPU is overheating because on the display i normally plan on it maxes at like 1378 x XXX and the GPU read about 50-60C on desktop right after crash.


    BC2 crashed after running for about 7min at 56C
  6. 56C is well below what a modern GPU can handle. Most of them are fine up to 80C+. I suspect it's something else. Borrow a non-Steam game from a friend and see what happens.
  7. sure its not a missmatch in compatibility with ram and mobo - i had this issue a few years ago.

    Try using some old compatible ram
  8. Heat would have been my first thought too. I didn't read what mother board you have. Is it one with on board graphics ? Perhaps disabling the mother board portion would help ( i5's ) Don't say your processor or video card can't spike heat wise causing you problems. And why did you buy such a slow hard drive ? Provide an unrealistic amount of virtual ram. 10000/10000-20000/20000. Check voltages on ram. .
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    I'd also say you'd check up on the voltages your ram sticks are running with. Since you built it yourself, there might be some stock settings not configured to work properly while data runs during heavy-duty computer usage :)
  10. Ok...when it comes to anything in the bios and voltage/latency I'm in the dark.

    Would these inconsistencies cause a game to CTD from seconds to minutes when in a game, and by in game I mean, in a Server.

    If I let the games sit on the Menu nothing happens to them, they are just fine.

    @Herr_Koos I have Mirrors Edge which plays OK but freezes rather than CTD, and I had to CTRL + ALT + DLT to close it. I also have Medal Of Honor and It also CTD's.

    So no that I think about it all of my Games CTD but I just play steam games 90% of the time.

    Someone said something about possible incompatibilities with my MOBO and RAM, I'm going to post what newegg has for Specs on the RAM and MOBO.

    Mobo - MSI H55M-ED55
    Supported CPU
    CPU Socket Type
    LGA 1156
    CPU Type
    Core i7 / i5 / i3 / Pentium (LGA1156)
    North Bridge
    Intel H55
    Number of Memory Slots
    Memory Standard
    DDR3 1066/1333/1600 (OC)/2000 (OC)/2133 (OC)
    Maximum Memory Supported
    Channel Supported
    Dual Channel
    Expansion Slots
    PCI Express 2.0 x16
    PCI Express x1
    PCI Slots
    Storage Devices
    1 x ATA133 2 Dev. Max
    SATA 3Gb/s
    Onboard Video
    Onboard Video Chipset
    Onboard Audio
    Audio Chipset
    Realtek ALC889
    Audio Channels
    8 Channels
    Onboard LAN
    LAN Chipset
    Realtek 8111DL
    Max LAN Speed
    Rear Panel Ports
    Video Ports
    D-Sub + DVI
    1 x HDMI
    USB 1.1/2.0
    6 x USB 2.0
    1 x eSATA 3Gb/s
    S/PDIF Out
    1 x Optical
    Audio Ports
    6 Ports
    Physical Spec
    Form Factor
    Micro ATX
    9.6" x 9.6"
    Power Pin
    24 Pin
    Manufacturer Warranty
    1 year limited
    1 year limited

    RAM - Patriot G Series

    G Series ‘Sector 5’ Edition
    240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM
    Tech Spec
    4GB (2 x 2GB)
    DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)
    Cas Latency
    Multi-channel Kit
    Dual Channel Kit
    Heat Spreader
    XMP Ready
    Equipped with advance aluminum heat-dispersing shields
    100% Tested and Verified
    RoHS Compliant
    Tested on Intel P55 chipset
    Manufacturer Warranty
    Lifetime limited
    Lifetime limited
    Similar Items

    Again, I really know nothing of what the significance of Voltage and Timing is or benefits... Not all that familiar with going into the BIOS to set things up.

    ****As another side note. When I set up the PC I just plugged in everything (GPU, RAM, HD, Optical Drive, PSU to MOBO/GPU) and I was off and running. I was told that you typically have to go into the BIOS and have the Read set to Disc Drive rather than HD but that was not the case for me. I have yet to go into the BIOS on the new PC..
  11. Ok so I went into my BIOS and this is what I found of my RAM.

    CH1 1T/2T Timing - 1
    CH1 Cas Latency - 7
    tRCD -7
    tRAS - 20
    tRFC - 59
    tWR - 8
    tWTR - 4
    tRRD - 4
    tRTP - 4
    tFAW - 20
    B2B - Cas Delay - 0

    Channel 2 was exactly the same.

    Perhaps I did this wrong but the values that were set to 7 I switched to 9, and the 20 I switched to 24 since that is what Newegg says is the values. It was set to 7-7-7-20 on Auto and I believe 1.65V but im not 100% sure on the Voltage.

    I dont know If I did something wrong or perhaps it was coincidence but right after changing these values I went into Alien Swarm no where near as graphic intense as BC2 and my screen froze with these crazy colors of my desktop and white lines up and down my monitor. I did get an error message from my display driver saying it was an unexpected error and it recovered. Once in game I have really bad lag, I was jumping forward on my screen. It eventually caught up for maybe 10 seconds, then the same crazy colors and white lines. I tried to CTRL + ALT + DLT out but it was frozen. so I had to manually power off.

    Do you think that was just a coincidence, Did I set something it harmful to my PC?!
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