Why is my XFX 5850 have such a low fps on games like NBA 2k11??

I just got my new 5850 today from newegg and most games like Sims 3 and COD runs fine with high settings at around 30-40, but when I tried it on my NBA 2k11, when I set it to high, the FPS was 10. Even when I tuned it down to medium for all settings, it's still very low at 11. What's going on?

My CPU is intel E6300, But it still shouldn't be 10 fps with 5850, should it? I was going to get a i5 760, but I saw both sandy bridge and bulldozer were coming out, so I'm going to wait for next year.

Also, another bad part about my computer is that it's 2x1gb ddr2.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. I would guess that a CPU bottleneck is your main problem. Sims and COD are not really graphically demanding games. Turn the settings down a bit and upgrade the system next year as per your plan.
  2. Probably a combination of CPU (as herr said) and the fact that it's a console port. Many poor ports require a lot more CPU grunt to work around poor code.
  3. well i've played splinter cell conviction on high and works smoothly and by cod i mean black ops. It's also holiday season right now, should I wait till new processors come out or should I get the discounted cpus right now?
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