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Hi All! :hello:

I'm looking for a good First Person Shooter Game with a good multi-player mode, which can provide an authentic Combat experience with Decent Graphics(PC only please.). A few of my friends recommended these.... Whats your Opinion???

Thanks in Advance :)
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  1. They're too different to compare.

    Looks: MoH
    Arcade noobness: COD BO
    Stability: COD6
    Fun in Clan matches: TF2
    Wanna fly a chopper?: BC2
  2. If your looking for AUTHENTIC, not of those really qualify cause all of those are like arcade shooters. More focus on action than realism. But all of those are fun action packed game. For authentic,, try Tom Clancy games like Rainbow Six series and Ghost Recon series. Its emphasises on strategy, cover and some of the games apply the one hit - one kill rule.
  3. COD BO is the best.....thrust me;)
  4. out of that list, i'd say BF:BC2 is the most authentic

    you should look at the Operation FlashPoint series for an "authentic" military shooter
  5. MW2 with great instrumental orchestra
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