Need some help choosing a mainboard...

I need a mainboard which has the following:

1 processor - Socket 370
supports up to PC133 FSB / PC133 RAM
2 64bit PCI slots
4 additional 32bit PCI slots

Thats it :-)

I have found a few dual processor boards that have the above, but haven't found a single processor board that does (yet).

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. hi,
    see Asus CUSL2
    btw pls tell me abt dual s370 boards (except MSI1694D) having a AGP slot, Asus CUR-DLS and other dual s370 (server class) boards do not have AGP slot.

  2. I own a CUSL2, and it does not have the 64 bit PCI slots... only 32 bit PCI slots =(

    SuperMicro makes dual Socket370 boards that have AGP slots .. check out their website

    Good luck :)
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