Black Ops Problems PC

Hi Guys, im just wondering if someone can help me.
I bought Black Ops for PC yesterday.
I Have been playing it but it has been really lagging in single player and suddenly it just freezes if i hit my windows key then go back into it it works again. I have not noticed this problem in multi player it is really starting to get under my skin.
My rig consists of:

i3 530
3gb DDR3
gtx 465
win 7

If anyone has some ideas they would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Update to patch 1-
    Solved most mp issues-
  2. Ok Thanks
    But im not really seeing any problems in mp
    also is that patch like 800kb
  3. No the update 1 is more like 8 mb.
    It also resolves sp issues, download and install it-
  4. Ive feeling i downloaded it this arvo but il have a look
  5. Cheers-
    Btw, black ops is known for its stuttering and random lags, nothing wrong abt your specs. First patch resolved most issues-
  6. Can i download it manually?
  7. I guess, google it-
    "Black ops update 1"
    or go to its website-
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