Major Slowdown In Fallout New Vegas

I have a about 30 hours into new vegas and after making some tweaks when I first got the game, I have been running it without any significant problems. Recently however i'v noticed that whenever i enter a combat situation with more that 2 or 3 enimeies, the game slows to a crawl and then will go back to normal after the combat. Anybody have any suggestions as to why this problem has just started when it has been fine for 30+ hours. Thanks to anyone who can help.
Win 7 64
i7 870
Nvidia gts 450 (latest drivers)
4 gig ram
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  1. Fallout New Vegas is poorly optimized
  2. Fallout New Vegas is not poorly optimized. I that I say that modify nearly anything to make it either faster or better looking it all depends on you.

    When I first got FNV my system had only 3GB of ram and 7750 processor and 9600GT running at Ultra settings with over 100 mods. Even in combat with 7-15 enemies my system doesn't drop below 30 FPS and you say its poorly optimized, tsk-tsk.

    There are a lot of possibilities from other software's running on your system to anti-virus's real-time protection and to fragmented drive. But there are a lot things that you can do to make it run back to optimal status as it was before. You just need to do an elimination process and know what may be causing your issue either it may be from recent hardware or software changes that you may have encountered or have done yourself.
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