Thief 3 deadly shadows

hi everyone.

u all know thief 3 its well known and a good game

i played the game on my old xp pc it worked great but now i bought a new windows 7 64 pc

so im really getting a problems that doesnt really make any sense like when i load a saved game

the game just stops without any reason

and another problem im getting a 60fps but it drops to 22fps when i look at a light or a candle

and i wont even think that its my specs thats too low cuz im playing assassins creed 1 and 2 maxed on like 50 fps

so if someone can help please do
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  1. well i discoverd that my both problems are caused by a high resolution cuz the game is kinda old.

    and i cant play on full screed at 1024x768 my screen is at 1366x768 so all i need is a way to play the game at a windowed mode at 1024x768.

    when i use alt+enter i get a window mode at 640x480 and cant minimize

    please someone help
  2. you couldtell your graphics card to scale/not scale as appropriate.
  3. tried running in xp compatability mode??
  4. well i tried didnt even make a 1% change or any kind of effect

    but i told u its a resolution problem

    thanks for the reply :)
  5. 13thmonkey said:
    you couldtell your graphics card to scale/not scale as appropriate.

    i cant understand what ur trying to say ?

    could you explain a little more please
  6. nvidia at least has the ability to 'scale' the display i.e. choose what to do when running at a lower resolution than the screen displays natively.

    under nvida control panel it is on adjust desktop size and position.
  7. emmm but i dont have an nvidia gpu

    i got ati 5770

    no solution for this one?
  8. i'm assuming that they have the same ability, seems that it should be basic functionality to me, scount around the catalyst software to see what options there are.
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