Help! USB mouse dies on ABIT KT7-RAID(+)

well...My configuration is: Abit KT7-RAID, Duron 600, 192MB, GeForce DDR(o/c 150/340), Sb Live! Value, Logitech mouse on USB. Bios version of KT7-RAID is UL.
My operation system is Windows 98(non SE). I've installed all the VIA drivers (service pack 4.25a and usb filter 1.08).
The reinstallation of windows doesn't help. Also i used service packs 4.23, 4.24 and 4.25. mouse suddenly dies. It can work for about an hour or two hours, but then suddenly dies. On my previous configuration(Celeron 500 on Asus P2B) mouse worked correctly. I can't work, when my mouse dies :( What can I do?! Please help...
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  1. There's a brief paragraph on a Logitech USB mouse in the KT7 FAQ. Not sure whether it will help, but it might be worth checking out. Go to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> and click on the "mouse" section on the left.

  2. I have an Logitech iFeel Mouseman USB and i also experience problems on my abit KT7 RAID. The mouse only works within win98 (nonSE) when all drivers are loaded, so when i boot up in safe mode, it won't work. While installing win98 the mouse also won't work, but on a AOpen board with a Duron 700 it does work while installing.
    I also couldn't get the iFeel option to work because the setup program just hanged all the time, but after trying 100.000 times, it suddenly worked.
    I don't have problems while running win98 "normal" with this mouse, even after leaving the pc on for the whole day. But perhaps you are having some USB port problems?
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