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dude i recently bought a game named battle field company 2 here are my system specs ram 2gb hard disk 180gb and i have an nvidia 9500geforce graphics card of 1gb capacity the problem i didnt have any problem in installing it the only problem that i had with this game is when it comes in runing it it says the version is old and you have to update to a newer version and when i press the update button it starts updating and when it comes to middle of the process it suddenly stops the same problem occured when i have downloaded it from the internet also. so plss reply me soon!!!!!!!
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  1. Is it a legal copy of the game?
  2. Are you sure its legit ?
  3. namelessonez said:
    Is it a legal copy of the game?

    yeah its a legal one.
  4. Try going to your BFBC2 folder and executing the Updater from there.
  5. it costed me around me 250 RS i have tried that one too but its not workin out!!!!
  6. rs -indian rupees ?
    Where did you buy that from
    Seems cheap for the game
  7. yeah i bought in a games store.
  8. Make sure your internet doesn't cut off when updating.
    If still nothing try reinstalling..
  9. My BCBF2 copy cost me 850 Rupees on a sale! 250 bucks is usually a pirated copy. Not passing any judgment, just expressing my doubts because:
    1. Pirated copies 'will not' install updates properly.
    2. Applying updates to pirated versions calls for hacking
    3. Asking for help on pirated copies is not permitted here.
  10. ^^ True
  11. thanks for the reply but i have played lots of games like that like codmw2,call of duty black ops and the codmw4 etc none of them showed me like this game does.i have done the reinstalling process also and i have also downloaded it so many times from the internet.and every time i run the game this problem appears it shows some kind of a new version number and it says u have to update to a new version and it shows some kind of new version number.when i run the update process it stops in the middle of the process.
  12. I get exactly the same issue. My copy is legit too, although I bought it in Singapore and am now using it in the UK.
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