DFI AK-74-SC & Floppy Drive

I just put together an Athlon system with an FDI AK-74. (
Who named these boards, some militia member?) I reused the HDD, FDD, and CD from my old computer.

At first the BIOS didn't recognize the HDD (no 80-pin cable was the error message) because I used the old ribbon cable, but Windows loaded just fine. The BIOS also didn't recognize the CD drive because it was on master mode instead of slave mode. After swapping the HDD ribbon cable for the one supplied by DFI and changing the CD IDE mode to slave, the HDD and CD were recognized by the BIOS.

But the floppy drive still was not being recognized even though I used the new ribbon cable supplied by FDI. What gives? I have checked the connection a couple of times. There's no way that you can plug the ribbon cable incorrectly because of the notches. So has anyone had similar experience? If so, what's the fix?

I can use my computer just fine, except I don't have a FDD, and the shutdown process sometimes hangs (because of the FDD?)
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  1. Did you connect the floppy to the cable connector that is after the "twist" in the cable? That connector is for A: drive. The connector before the "twist" is for B: drive.
  2. Yes, I have tried connecting up the floppy first as drive A and then as drive b. Each time, I also manually changed the BIOS recognition of the drive. No dice.

    The error is still Floppy Error (40).

    I guess it will cost me all of $8 to find out whether the
    floppy is defective, though it really shouldn't be broken because I had just used it days before installing the new mobo.

    What if I don't want a floppy because it's really of limited use anyways, can a DFI AK-74 boot from the CD ROM when I reinstall Windows?

  3. How old is the floppy drive?
    I ran into a similar problem a couple years ago when I was building an amd k6-11 sys using parts from an old system. I was pulling my hair out trying to get it to recognize the floppy drive and had even loaded it up in the old system to make sure it was working. Finally i put down like $10 on a new one and the problem was solved. That was the best $10 dollars I ever spent!
  4. OK, I still have no floppy drive, though it's not interfering with my gaming fun (most important). The only
    thing that will be a pain in the behind is when I want to re-install Windows. Again, my question is will a DFI AK-74 boot properly from a CD-ROM drive?

    I do have a downloaded USB-Ethernet converter driver that's on a floppy, and I'll need to find a way to transfer this to a writable media, or my cable modem won't work after I reinstall Windows. I'm thinking that I should get an internal IDE Zip drive. They are around $40, and they store a heck a lot more than just 1.44MB. I could actually store saved games instead of having restart games from scratch every 6 months. :]

    Your thoughts and opinions are welcomed!
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