Good Headsets?

Hey guys i want to buy a new gaming headset for preferably 50$ or less, preferably around the ear, no preferance for stereo/surround. Ive found a couple Tritton ax180 50$, turtle beach z2 50$, turtle beach hpa2. im leaning toward the ax180's due to their stunningly good looks. If you guys have suggestions please tell. Anyway All input is helpful Thank You
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  1. anything is fine for steam chatting, may want to spend more if you want it for main sound too.

    The 50 buck logitech headset I bought on newegg has been great for steam.

    cheaper now
  2. newegg has a deal on this Fatal1ty headset for $45 (originally $99)

    I own one of the older Fatal1ty headsets for about 2 1/2 years now. Iv dropped it numerous times and yanked on the cord a lot on accident and its still holding together. Plus it has decent sound quality. Not top of the line, but this model right here should be better than mine.
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