Will Modern Warefare 2 play on Dell Inspiron 1545?

Hello, my son had me purchase MW2 on ebay for him for Christmas. He has a Dell Inspiron 1545. I bought it, but now he's wondering if it will play.
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  1. Is this the one that your son has?


    My guess would be that you could probably skate by if you bottomed out the game's graphical settings. The system you have is pretty good, but might struggle due to the integrated graphics chipset, despite it being an "HD" card.

    From that machine, try going to this link and running the Game-o-Meter. It will do a quick check on the machine to see if it is up to par...

  2. it should be able, people make intel graphics to be so bad that it can't even play mario, that's absurd, i think is a pretty good graphics card especially on a budget where you cant get a high level gaming computer, i have a dell 1545 also and i ran team fortress 2, WOW, and MW2 on Medium settings to high settings just fine... so in my personal experience it would be fine
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