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I'm looking to buy a gaming headset in the range of $50-$80. I mainly play RTS on my PC, but I would also like functionality with my PS3 if possible ( so essentially a headset w/ USB and 3.5mm jack).

I'm not too crazy about superb audio quality..but I don't want my music sounding terrible either.

Right now I'm looking at Turtle Beach X11s, Turtle Beach PX21s, and the Tritton AX 180. The PX21 and the AX180 seem to be the best fit for me because of the functionality with the PS3, but the PX21s cost more than the X11s, and I've heard there are ways to make the X11s work with PS3. Is it a cost effective strategy?

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  1. I was going to mention checking out the SteelSeries headphones, but they are only compatible with Xbox360 =/

    my roommate has some turtle beaches that he uses with his pc/360. Im not sure of the model type though but Iv listened to them and they work great.

    Sorry, not much help =X
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