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Why can I not run 100mhz fsb on my 533E celeron? Does this cpu only support 66mhz? IF so then the overclocking I am doing with the multiplyer is all I can get out of this processor. Right?
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  1. none of the celerons, even up to the curent chips, support higher than a 66mhz fsb. some people have luck overclocking by raising the fsb to 75, 83, or in some cases people are able to reach 100mhz. but, anything above 66mhz would be overclocking
  2. You cant do anything by adjusting the clock multiplier with your celeron they are multiplier locked. Not all celeron's will overclock to 100 fsb and the ones that do almost always need an increase in voltage to accomplish this.What motherboard are you trying this with and have you tried the other settings? Ie 75mhz and 83 mhz?

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  3. give some more juice(voltage) to the proc.
    default is 1.5v, try 1.65v or even 1.7v.

    good luck.

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