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I'm having a serious issue with my Rig, it's a Phenom II 720 @2.8, 4gb DDR3 crucial 1333, One GTX 460 768mb @763, all on an MSI NF980-G65 with one 500gb WD running Vista business 64. 260.99 driver

It doesn't play well at all, sub par of what I know it is capable of doing on mere DDR2 800mhz.

Crysis looks gorgeous at very high across the board at 2xAA, with no slow renderings but only about 21-25fps, which should be more like 25 to a maximum 40fps like it did with the GTX260 that was stock and could actually crank up the AA past that with the same processor. Put the 260 back in and it can't do it anymore either. farycry 2 used to be 40-55FPS maxed out and smooth, Now it's all over the place and even if it does pull some high FPS it isn't even close to smooth and is extremely jumpy when it seems like it's trying to play right. Borderlands works great though. I had it working on an experimental install a while back and was unable to recreate these results when a bios reset upon a screwed up boot caused me to install caused me to format and install over the wrong 500gb drive.

Is there some sort of C++ that I'm missing or needing to update.

Farcry 2 and Borderlands aren't actually installed as my disks got dented and don't work right, but crysis is most certainly installed properly with all patches.

Got to solve this UPS is bringing me my second 460 in the morning. Might my processor me screwing things up? Sounds like something is missing in the system making things work hard with little results.
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  1. Could be the CPU holding you back my my main suspicion would be drivers. Use something like CCleaner to clear all the graphics drivers off the machine and install the latest from nvidia's website.

    Also, what PSU do you have and what temperatures are you hitting?
  2. ^^ Agreed, use HW monitor, monitor the temps at load and post back, + use a registry cleaner to clean out [ old driver remains ], ccleaner is nice-
  3. HW monitor crashes the system, never could get it to work on this board without crashing the system (not blue screen). CPU usually about 109-110F under load, and low to mid 80's just running a couple browsers or doing a big file transfer. Video card gets up to 62C with the fan on auto. PSU is a corsair TX650w.

    The system is a fresh install, sounds like I'm missing some essential support programs like someone mentioned in another forum about some 2005 C++ and 2008 C++ that are required for some games to run smoothly. Doesn't sound like a hardware problem, maybe a CPU issue if anything, it doesn't even OC well, and a 0.1 OC makes the boot smoother, (makes the log in screen all appear at the same time, instead of a black screen with a white text box then a pretty back ground showing up)

    Used CCleaner though, wish I had a recent licensed copy of Auslogics
  4. You're correct but during the game's installation it should install those. Since you've said you have the updated video drivers that one you searching are below.

    The prerequisites you may be looking for are:
    - DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)
    - MS Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable 9.0.30729.17

    Normally these are updated during game installation, but its acceptable to do and update or overwrite install to update or fill in missing libraries.
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