Hewlett Packard PAvillion upgrade problems

I have a bit of a problem with one of my PCs which I was hoping someone might be able to help me with. Originally it was an HP PAvillion 8230 Pentium II 233Mhz with built in ATI Graphics. I have just changed the mobo to a Gigabyte GA-5AX with an AMD K6-500 cpu and an Elsa Erazor III TNT2 Pro AGP card. Everything seems to work ok but now when I shut down windows it gets as far as the "you can now switch off your computer" screen, and then instead of shutting down it goes to a blue screen windows protection fault saying the system has been halted and you must reboot!??
I can't work out why it is doing this, any ideas?

Also is it me or is upgrading an HP a bit of a nightmare? I noticed the sound card is made of of two parts and powers the speakers. Now I've upgraded from Win 95 the speakers make a nasty noise when you switch the PC off!

Well I hope someone can help!!!


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  1. Just to let you know...I want to help but I'm still pretty new at this game. I've only built 3 PC's and have a *LOT* of learning to do yet.

    What version of Windows are you using? I would try to upgrade to WIN98 SE if possible. Also of course make sure you have the latest drivers for your hardware, although upgrading to WIN98 SE will solve most of these.

    Another thing to try is to remove all of your cards and replace one at a time to determine at least which (if any)is the problem. I know kinda sucks...takes patience. I'd try this last if it were up to me.

    Don't forget to make sure you have the latest BIOS version for your motherboard. Kind of scary to flash the BIOS your first time, but just make sure you read the instructions carefully.

    Let me know how it works out for you.
  2. Did you re-install the OS after you changed the mobo/CPU? It sounds like a Windows error to me, not a hardware error. I suggest that you get the latest BIOS, and if you didn't install Windows from scratch, do that.

    I don't have much respect for HP's. I installed a hard drive in my girlfriends HP, and I had to take the whole computer apart, just to get it in the case. I was taking the CPU out just to show her what was inside her computer and <b>it had no thermal interface material!</b> No thermal paste, or even a crappy thermal pad, nothing! I know they cut corners to save money, but that's going too far.
  3. Is it an AT or ATX power supply? If it's the 12 pin AT power hook up, it could be getting hung trying to execute power down schemes. That is, the mobo might not support soft power off commands; some AT boards just unload the operating system and the user has to manually power down the pc.
    Cheer up ! This now Andy G's PC as you've exorcised the HP demon...

    Let us know how you resolve this.

    <b><font color=blue>Brainy Sturgeon</b></font color=blue>
  4. I had some issues with my old system. Fic Va503+ mobo amd k62 300. I did get a page fault and very rarely my system would shut down.

    I need a few quick questions
    Is it a Via, ALI, or SiS chipset?? I have a Via Chipset
    Did you format your hardrive and install everthing one by one or just boot of your existing hardrive expecting everthing would come smooth???

    Did you install Via's 4-1 Drivers either there current off there website or the drivers that came on your mobo cd??

    Also make sure you use Win 98 SE.

    Check the Device Manager in Windows. See if there is any exclamation marks or question marks. If there is something in not installed right. Here's my solution that worked for me.

    Ok, Your problem isn't a hardware issue, its a driver issue with your OS. All you have to simply do is Make sure you installed Via's 4-1 Drivers, should always be done first with any via/amd system, and when you install and restart, Winodows will detect " Via Power Managment Controller" and will install it automatically. Restart then try to shut down your computer I bet it will shut down 100%!!!

    Don't flash the Bios!!! Especially if your new to it!!! If you mess up flashing, your mobo mind as well us it as toilet paper!! Widnows handles your computer when you shut it down not the bios!!!

    I have had this board using the original bios it came with 2 years old and to this day this board shut-downs perfectly with no problems!!

    If you have formated the drive and installed everthing one by one then the first thing you do when you install windows is the Via 4-1 Drivers and make sure Windows detects "Via Power Management Controller" then you should be all good to go!!

    If you booted up with your old system with the upgraded parts and expected it to work it won't. 2 different cpu's, 2 different chipsets.

    For the newer mobo and chip always start fresh so you won't never get any bugs also so Windows won't go A-wall.

    Also Win98 needs USB to be enabled in your bios. Make sure you have USB enabled in your bios. I had to this even when there were no usb ports on my board. I couldn't install Win98 without this to also.

    Good luck let me know the progress. Hope this helps, this what exactly I did. '
    feel free to email at ja2383@eminem.com

  5. Thanks everybody, I did re-install windows me & it seems to shut down ok now. I think it might have been the monitor was wrongly specified. Anyway it all seems to work, the only thing left that still really bugs me is the sound card. I don't know whether anyone is familiar with the HP Pavillions but the cound card is an ensoniq soundblaster type card, but it comes in two pieces, the sound card and an amplifier for the speakers. Anyway when the PC was at its original spec with Win95 etc when you powered down the speakers switched off with no probs but no they make a big boom when the computer powers down. Also it means that if I ever want to change the PSU I will have to change the soundcard & speakers because the existing PSU seems to have a special power lead for the amplifier!

    Actually getting a new PSU which will fit the back of the HP case will be a problem anyway but thats a different story!!
  6. yes upgrading hps are a nightmare and its not recommended
    just start from scratch
    take it from a hp tech, i used to work at compusa and repair those bassturds

    Bored,Certified TEch
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