23' or 24" Monitor for gaming?

I am currently looking for a monitor with low input lag and no ghosting or very little. i have been researching for the past week and can't find a true answer. first off i don't like dell or acer and currently i have a 19' samsung (not widescreen). My Price range is $200-$350. I am only a foot or 2 from the screen so viewing angle isnt a problem. I have been looking at a few.

Samsung PX2370 (good but heard from some people it can be a mess)
LG W2486L (I realy like this monitor but cant find anyone with it instock)
LG E2350V-SN

should i look into the 120hz monitors like the LG W2363D? i heard they are better for gaming
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  1. what size you want? quality will cost. unless you go Dell or Acer. Dell monitors arent that bad.

    Other option if you are *only* wanting for gaming is hook up to TV. el cheapo way.
  2. Dell is quite good in fact. I'm running a 21.5" full HD Dell and am loving it!


    Samsung is good no doubt. Frankly, the difference between 23" and 24" won't be noticeable. The difference comes into play when you're upgrading more than 2" (22" to a 24"....21" to a 23").
  3. You might also check some AOC models-
  4. I am really interested in why you don't like Dell or Acer.

    I have an inexpensive (less than $200) 22" Acer 5ms 1680x1050, no ghosting or dead pixels. (fallout, half-life, Quake) Before this monitor I used a Dell crt that I got for $5 at auction, but it was a good gaming monitor too.

    link to my monitor:
  5. 23 feet is a big goddamn screen. 23" in comparison to a 24"... now that's reasonable, but there's hardly any difference between the two.
  6. *useless knowledge* best pc monitor is the OLED sony lol

    anyways... ^ +1
  7. CsG_kieran_2 said:
    *useless knowledge* best pc monitor is the OLED sony lol

    anyways... ^ +1

    i agree... +10000000000000
  8. and if it is 120 Hz... even better - will allow you some nVidia 3D experience (if your GPU and games allow)
  9. SAMSUNG BX2331 might also be a good choice its similar to Samsung PX2370.. I actually dont really know what the differance is...Personally Im probobly getting Dell U2311H for gaming
  10. What ever you get it doesn't matter as long as the one your getting does support or have 120Hz refresh rate on max resolution. Why? Because if your monitor can't sync to accommodate the processing of your video card your nice looking monitor will be a wasted gaming experience.

    So as long as you have the 120Hz refresh rate option on the monitor your getting your all set for gaming. Now choose a good looking screen one that match the sparkle in your eyes.
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