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Aero in Virtual PC or VMware

I installed Win 7 in both a Virtual PC and in VMware. None have the cool Aero interface. I have read that this is becasue there Virtual video cards are not very good. has any one found a Hack or something that can get Aero working.
I have read about the Remote Desktop trick. Where you remote desktop in to your Virtual PC or VMware and it enables Aero. That sounds like a big inconvenience is there any other way i can accomplish this?
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  1. One question: You are testing a BETA OS do you really NEED the Aero UI? If you have a spare IDE/SATA/eSATA HDD (USB?FireWire won't work) you can install Win 7 on it. Un pulg the other HDDs then install it to the spare one (so Window's won't mess with the other drives boot paths), that's what I did.

    Anyways this probably won't help you but if you are interested in really testing Win 7 that's what I would do.
  2. It's got nothing to do with being a beta, it's the nature of virtualisation. You don't have a 9800GT as far as Win 7 is concerned.
  3. Like they said the drivers that the software uses does not support high end graphical effects - if you want to see Aero in Win 7 install it on a spare hard drive or partition your hard drive so you can dual boot...
  4. Install the VM graphics driver plz. Normally called VM tools or something
  5. amdfangirl said:
    Install the VM graphics driver plz. Normally called VM tools or something

    I don't thikn VMWare Tools allows Aero. It didn't when I tried Server 2008.
  6. Well its worth a try.
  7. VMware is only able to do some features of directX 9c an i think that is as of version 6.5. but i have windows 7 running and not able to get it running and cannot get threw the windows experience test in vmware
  8. Vmware don't allow aero. I try my self and install all the tools or addon for vmware. At the end I decide to put on a spare disk I have, usally used to store data.
    For win7, I played crysis,fallout and I get one problem one time in 30 days... better then vista hahaha.
  9. I dunno, VMware Fusion does support Dx9c and can play basic games except its mac only whilst Virtual Box has Open GL acceleration.
  10. VMWare Server does not support 3D hardware acceleration of any kind. VMWare Player 2.5 and VMWare Workstation 6.5 both have some support, as does Fusion.
  11. Best answer
    VMware workstation 7 supports windows vista and windows 7 aero features, read more on it
  12. Reviving old threads FTW!
  13. Cool i will haft to look in to that.
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