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World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse Steel Series good for fps shooters?

Hi, I was wondering how good/bad the World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse Steel Series would be for online fps shooters like battlefield 2 and call of duty? I like the way it looks, it seems comfortable for the hand and I know where to get it for $25 but I hear a lot of people saying it sucks. Also it's apparently designed specifically for World of Warcraft which I do not play. I want it because of the way it is built(it's thumb and pinky rests look comfortable) and to play fps shooters which it is not "meant" for. Am I going to be disappointed? Also does it have "on the fly" DPI switching? very important to me(in fact most important feature of all in a mouse to me).
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    I too like the design of that mouse. The only reason I didn't buy it is because I'm kind of an in the closet WoW player and if any of my friends new I played wow then I'd get harassed by them. So, since it says wow mouse on it I kind of stray from it.

    But. when I did hold it, it does feel great. The specs on it seem like its a great mouse.
  2. Does Anyone know if the World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse Steel Series has "on the fly" sensitivity adjustment feature?
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