What's wrong with Asus A7V BIOS?

Today I fight with A7V and SB Live. Lucky I read about downgrade BIOS to v1003. I find only 1001, but this version also helps - now SB working. I search for 1003 (with 1001 WinMe start about 20 s. longer than with 1004, and I can't disable ATA100 BIOS. Something interesting: 1004 with HDD on VIA controler detect DMA 5, 1001 only DMA 4.

Sory about English
Kristo Vel Mefisto
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  1. Kristo,
    I've tried and tested the 1004d BIOS version with my A7V and T-bird 1100. I'm running a SB Live value sound card, GeForce 2 GTS 64, IBM Deskstar 75GXP 45 gig ATA100 hard drive, etc.
    The 1004d corrects many of the problems you might be having. It also corrects some of the problems with the ATA100, fixes a few problems with Win98se, and allows you to set your CPU fan off or on when your system goes into standby.
    Also, the original Promise ATA100 drivers are what are causing the computer to take so long to boot. I noticed this immeditately after getting my mobo up and running and installing the first versions. I had already read about this and downloaded the new ones from the ASUS website, and they cured this problem for me.
    Download and install the newest ones from the link at the ASUS website. Version 1.60 build 28. There are newer ones that aren't listed at the ASUS website. They can be found at the ftp site. I'm using the 1.60 build 33 drivers now. They are working fine. Once you do this, you'll be amazed at how fast your system will boot up.
    While you are there, if you haven't installed the VIA 4-in-1 drivers, get version 4.24 and install them too. The ones on your motherboard's CD have problems. There are newer versions too (4.25) but I've been reading about lots of problems with those. I am using them right now and I am having NO problems at all.
    One of the problems you might be having with your SB Live sound card is the fact that it needs 2 IRQs to function if you have the SB16 emulation enabled. This is for use with DOS games. If you don't play DOS games, you can disable this and it will help free up resources and IRQs that other devices can use without having to share with others. Also, the A7V motherboard's PCI slots share resources with each other too, and there's nothing you can do about this except move your cards around to slots that aren't shared. The only PCI slot that doesn't share with another one is slot 3. So.. this would be the best for the sound card. Try to keep slot 1 open too. It shares with your AGP card. I think it's best to leave that one on its own.
    All of these updates help and correct many of the problems that we have been having. It took some tinkering, but my system is rock solid stable right now.
    I'm using the 1005a BIOS, but there's a few quirks in this version.

    I'm running my PC133 memory at 133, my AGP at 4x and everything set at optimal.
    These ideas should help you get your system up and running the way you want it.
  2. A very comprehensive reply to KvM. I have some questions:

    You said: "I'm using the 1.60 build 33 drivers now." and also "I'm using the 1005a BIOS"

    I can find neither on the Asus website - where did you find them? - I'd like to try them out ...

    thx ...

    PS: Found them at http://members.tripod.de/Juggernaut/

    PPS: Tried the 1.60 build 33 drivers and they did shave a few seconds off the slow boot. System hasn't crashed yet. Many thanks magneto.

    PPPS: A7V just crashed again ... so I guess it's not the Promise driver ...
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  3. Hi,

    I too was having problems with lockups. I flashed my BIOS to the 1005a version. This also upgrades the Promise ATA100 controller's BIOS too. I did have a problem after doing that. When booting, my computer would stop with the message:
    Boot disk failure. Put in boot disk and hit enter".. or something like that. All i had to do was hit enter and it booted normally every time. The fix for this was to go into my BIOS and [enable] the Boot Virus protection. Hell I can't even remember what it is called. Anyway this fixed the problem, and I haven't had one single lockup since then.
    Before I went with the 1005a, my computer would freeze up when I was using Internet Explorer 5.5 . It always seemed to happen when I tried moving my scroll wheel on my mouse before a page was fully loaded. Hmmm... I found a guy at another website that was having the exact same problem, and this fixed it for him too. So.. if your probs are anything like those, maybe consider flashing the BIOS also.
    Good luck,

    Here's a link to a good forum if you don't already have it.
  4. I've tried use 1005a BIOS from ftp://ftp.asuscom.de/pub/ASUSCOM/BIOS/Socket_A/VIA_Chipset/Apollo_KT133/A7V/ , but it's not working. One suggestion. At first off all my SB Live working good. After changing Power Supply and PCI slot SB stop working. At this moment changing PCI slot no helps (I use 3 with reserved IRQ 5). Helps only downgrade to 1001, (maybe to 1003 too). Problem is with windows ME startup (hangup). Without SB drivers installed windows work good
    I have installed VIA 4.24
    I have Gladiac GTS Card - I will try with VAnta.
    Anybody know were to find 1003 BIUS for A7V
    Thanks for help

    Sory about English
    Kristo Vel Mefisto
  5. SB DOS driver want use the IRQ 5 setting thing...Maybe you think that true be? Methink 16 bit sb emulator fight for IRQ 5.
    Try pull sb, kick comm 1 or 2 in BIOS, stop reserving irq 5. Reboot. OS shuffles irq resource. Add sb, reboot.
    Or REM the real mode SB driver load in boot routine/sys .ini.

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  6. What exactly do the 4in1 drivers do? Which components should I install? BTW the promise stuff is at the ftp.asuscom.de ftp site, search through the folders and you'll find it, along with everything else. I havent bothere flashing in the new bios, as I have no problems except heat. Will it run a little cooler, im still on 1004d

    Anyone having trouble with downloads e-mail me design.team@europe.com, tell me a good joke, and I'll mail you build 33.
  7. I set free IRQs from serial and printer port. Now system working with 1005a, but I still not understand why. I tried with only graphic card installed and nothing. Why its working with 1003 and earlier BIOS without relases IRQ's from comm and lpt ports? I still asign IRQ 5 for SB...
    Thanks for Your suggestion.

    Sory about English
    Kristo Vel Mefisto
  8. My system:
    A7V BIOS 1005a
    900MHz T-bird
    Elsa Gladiac Geforce2 GTS 32MB D2 driver v4.12.01.0206-0150
    Kingston network 10/100 network card slot3
    SB Live Xgamer slot4
    Firewire card slot5
    30GB IBM Deskstar 75GXP in master primary ATA/100
    Toshiba 12X/10X/32X DVD master primary IDE
    LS120 slave primary IDE
    Smart and Friendly 2/2/24 CDRW master secondary IDE
    USB mouse, keyboard, joystickX2, and printer
    Via 4in1 v4.25a
    ATA/100 controller v16 build 25
    Latest SB Live drivers for WinMe--don't know version, visit www.soundblaster.com.

    In the BIOS I have the AGP at Optimal and have even been able to turn on AGP fast write with the latest BIOS.
    I have not been able to load the Detonator3 drivers and keep my system stable.
    I have disabled system restore and removed all the startup files from my registry.
    My system finally runs stable and fast. No bootup problems or delays.
    I am playing all my games at 1024x768 16bit beautifully.

    :cool: James
  9. You ("magento") stated "my computer would freeze up when I was using Internet Explorer 5.5 . It always seemed to happen when I tried moving my scroll wheel on my mouse before a page was fully loaded."

    All I can say is that you must have been at my place working on my computer ... my problem is identical. I will try the 1005a and let you know how it went.
  10. Gorenc,

    It's funny how that works out sometimes, isn't it? I hope it helps you like it helps me. For the record, my mouse is a MS Intellimouse Explorer USB, but I had it connected to the regular mouse port. I even tried going USB with it, but I still had lockups until I tried 1005a.
    Good luck,
  11. Is something wrong with at least 1005a version. System is starting, but very unstable. Ver. 1003 helps.
    My Configuration:
    A7v 1.02
    Elsa Gladiac GF GTS
    SB Live
    Win Me
    com1, com2, lpt disabled

    Sory about English
    Kristo Vel Mefisto
  12. There are some bugs with BIOS v1005a, but it also fixes many. I have not had any lockups so far with 1005a, but I haven't had the courage to try the Detonator3 drivers again.

    :cool: James
  13. Phil,

    Have 1005a on for 30 minutes - no lockups yet. I'll keep you posted.
  14. Yippee!! I hope it works for you like it is working for me. I have just installed my new CPU cooler.. A Tai-sol 742092 forged. Gosh it's twice as quiet as the "no namer", and man oh man are my CPU temps low! Oh well, I had to throw that in there.
    Good luck and keep me posted, ok?
  15. Phil,

    OK, it's been a couple of hours now and no crashes. I'm going between explorer windows and making sure the page is loading just when I get there but no crashes yet. So this may be the one ...

    Speaking of fans, I take the fan that comes with the "cooler master" and toss it, and then I get a one-inch thick fan from Electro-Sonic and put it on the "cooler-master" fins. I find these fans move a lot of air and seem to work pretty good at reducing the temperatures.

    Nevertheless, where do get these good fans that Tom is talking about and like the one you're mentioning? I see nothing but crap in the stores over here.

    -- Peter
  16. Peter,

    I got this Tai-Sol at InflowDirect.com. But I just went and checked and they are sold out again. I guess i got lucky, and I couldn't believe the price over there. You can probably see why when you look at the prices. Keep checking back with them..
    I just put the heatsink thru its paces and it never got about 116 degrees F with a room temp about 72.. My old one would have hit 135 or so.. As a matter of fact, its idle temps were higher than my Tai-sol's temps under load. It's a big heatsink, but has a quiet fan.
  17. OK, I'm calling it a day now. The damn thing hasn't crashed yet. Pretty soon I'm going to have to take back every rotten thing I said about the a7v.
  18. Gee, that's unfortunate. I followed the advice of magento and put in 1005a. Now my a7v is actually working without crashing.

    1005a works for me!
  19. For me this is crazy. Somebody wrote in the other thread about the same problem like me (Geforce GTS+SB Live +1004 bios and system unstable). Maybe this problem is dependent from Graphic Card manufacturer, or SB Live version(my is about year old). I don't know...

    Sory about English
    Kristo Vel Mefisto
  20. I, at first had the 1003c bios installed when I got my A7V. Windows 98se, ME, and 2000Pro would crash only when I used IE on the net and only when using the optimal settings in the bios. It would never crash under 3D games.
    Since I installed 1005a the system is running now stable for 3 days never a crash running Seti 24/7, optimal settings and 2-2-2 mem.
  21. Judging from all the posts about the A7V crashed in the past month, ALL of them have one thing in common: a GeForce 2. I think this is where the incompatabilities arise. I have A&V v1.004d with some really old Via 4-in-1's and old Promise drivers running win98 almost perfectly (hey, windows can never be crash free ;).
    I plan on upgrading my system to a Radeon 32MB DDR, SB Live 5.1, and a Maxtor 45GB ATA100 and then install Win2k after Christmas. I think that i will be ok, as long as i dont have a GF2.

    TBird 800 on Asus A7V 1004d
    256 PC133 WD 10BG ATA66
    Voodoo3 2000 SB PCI 128
  22. Mine had TNT2 and was crashing all the time. I'm gettting the best behaviour out of my board now that it's running a 1005a bios.
  23. Cant See 1005 on the Asus site
    Where did you get it ?
  24. There was a good site posted on this forum, but for some reason I lost it from my favourites folder.

    Nevertheless, I just looked at this asus site and it has it:


    For some reason I can't connect to the us site - keep getting "connection refused".
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