Does anyone play rainbow 6 vegas 2 anymore

I got vegas 2 as an impulse buy at gamestop for 10 bucks because I remembered the first one being awesome on the 360. I installed it and found like 10 empty servers, all with over 200 ping and 4 terrorist hunt servers. Im wondering if more servers will show up once I level up or is this all I get?
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  1. I don't know about the......... xbox... but there is still a damn huge load of people for the ps3 :D
  2. im sorry, just to clarify, I mean on the PC, I just had the first one for the 360 but I have vegas 2 for the PC
  3. i play it, i haven't played it in maybe a week or so, becuase i dont have it installed but yea quite a few people play it now (you'll find full/semi-full servers no problem)
  4. I hope you don't have issues activating it. After I purchased it through I had go through loops to try and the get the online version working. I finally gave up and re-bought it through Steam for $5. It's a good game.
  5. i got it on steam and i find servers all the time (last i recall)
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