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Dual Monitor Issue

Hey, all, I just got Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions yesterday (meh) and I have a weird issue that I've never seen with any other game. I have dual 23" monitors and the game is on the left (main) monitor, but even while I am playing the game the mouse can still be moved over to the right monitor, which means when I click to start punching or web swinging it thinks I am clicking on something on the right screen and it minimizes the game. VERY annoying! I have worked around it by always panning counter-clockwise (like Zoolander) so my cursor stays in the left screen. If anybody has any ideas about this, please let me know. I poked around the options, but didn't see anything. Thanks!
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  1. try disabling the second monitor when you are playing the game
  2. Yah, I was hoping to not have to go through that just to play the game, but it is a simple enough procedure.
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    Certain games have issues with duel monitors, I have to disable my 2nd monitor when I play oblivion. All you do is press the Windows Key + P to cycle through the monitor options. The do the same when you are done playing.
  4. Very cool. Thanks for the shortcut.
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