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Hi there,

I recently got some awesome headphones, however the only problem is that they are not a headset, and I would like a mic for most of the games I play. I technically have my old headset, but it is not very comfy and one of the left speaker is broken, I have considered dissecting to obtain the mic, but that seems both ghetto and like a safety hazard.

Anyways, the only decent mic I have been able to find is one on newegg for $20, but it is a desktop mic, and I would prefer a clip on since my cat would probably knock it over a lot otherwise. Anyways, about $20 seems like a good marker (something cheaper would be nice too), and I definitely don't need like the greatest mic ever, just something that doesn't make me sound like a swamp monster or a space alien. In summary, here are my preferences:

<= $20
Clip On
Decent sound quality
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  1. Check in dealextreme there are some for 3$ and not bad quality
  2. I will check it out, though to be honest I have not really heard of deals extreme and most of the products do not seem to have very much feedback, so I am not sure if I will trust some of the cheaper products. Are their perhaps any recommendations people can make from personal experience?
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    Buy this Cyber Acoustics CVL-1124 Microphone (Silver)

    I used this before but since I've got a Razer Megalodon I no longer use it but some of my friends still use this.

    BTW: Its so cheap and the clarity is fairly acceptable plus its a clip-on.
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