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I have an A7V ordered and on its way and then I start reading about problems people are having with recent bios versions and that, due to resource sharing, there is only one good PCI slot to put anything in (I have a PCI modem and SB card, so this would be a problem). Please, somebody reassure me (lie if you have to) that I made the right decision with this board.
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  1. The majority of posts on a forum like this are by people having problems. Most people don't have any problems so they don't need to post here or anywhere else.
    I don't have any problems with this board. Just take the advise of the people here and on other new group sites like www.deja.com
  2. Hello,

    You made a good decision, and i'm not lying to you. Yeah, the A7V shares a few slots and resources, and yeah there might be a few bugs for you to work out depending on the version of the BIOS that comes installed on your board, but the end result will be a fast, reliable system that you will really enjoy.
    I have a PCI v.90 modem, and a SB Live value sound card. I've got my sound in slot 3 (this is the one that doesn't share any resources), and my modem in slot 4. Works fine for me, even with 3 USB devices that I'm running. Slot 4 and 5 share together and with the USB controllers.
    If your system is already on its way, you might as well hit the ASUS site and get the new Promise ATA100 drivers, the VIA 4-in-1 drivers, and even a BIOS update or two. The ones I would recommend are the 1004d or the 1005a. You'll be needing them for sure. The ones that come with your motherboard have some bugs in them. Different people have had various problems with both, so you'll want to think about this before you go flashing.
    I'm using BIOS version 1005a and it's working great for me.
    I hope I gave you a little piece of mind,
  3. I have the A7V, and so far have no problems. I have a network card, and have put in the extra USB's. I say the mobo is great, letting you overclock easily. Put your sound card in PCI 3, install the VIA drivers FIRST, get the latest promise stuff from ASUS (build 25), but dont bother flashing your BIOS until you need to, and always save the previous version (read the manual!). You should be fine. If after plugging everything in, the system doesn't seem to work, try shorting the battery momentarily with a screwdrive. Both times I put a system together using the A7V, I had to do this (scary stuff, when the system seems dead!). Good luck...another tip, in Bios once you know where all your components are, and where to boot from first, tell the bios yourself, it saves startup time. Also connect the CD to master ATA66, and the HD to master ATA100, with an old cable as this improves performance. Good Luck!



  4. Thanks y'all
  5. I have an a7v and it's been a nightmare from day one. There's about only one thing I haven't tried yet and that's the 1005a bios. But I've been dicking around Since Oct. 27th and my a7v is still crashing - mostly with ie 5.5. I have an Abit KT7-Raid and it is working flawlessly.

    My recommendation, don't part with your money until you've read comments on this forum and other recommendations from Anand Tech and feel comfortable with your decision.
  6. I would go with the A7v even though i had a few problems myself loading my OS and overheating but that is basically because I DIDNT KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING. Now that i have it up and running and learned the hard way its a great stable board.

    Then again i only have a sblive and voodoo300 in my system so i dont have trouble with any conflicts.

    I use my system for some hefty gaming (flightsims) and i havent had any problems yet, no lockups, no crashes, i got no complaints from this board. I am sure you will get flippant remarks like "this board sucks" because they didnt get the board up and running first time.

    I am sure you will find more positive than negative reviews.
  7. short the battery with a screwdriver??? i got my a7v board am about to send it back... because it wont power-on the video or anything, and the manual doesnt say anything about shorting the battery. im willing to give it a try though. how do i do it?

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  8. Just touch the tip of a screwdriver to the two tiny metal pins right by battery, which sort of hold it in place...alternatively, take the battery out and put it back in again, but that is a bother, just touch it quickly, and no harm will be done. Let me know if it sorts your problem!


  9. I've had the same problem with my a7v. If fact I just had it half an hour ago when I upgraded my bios. It usually occurs after I change the CPU.

    The trick is to hit the reset button. Turning the computer off or pulling the plug doesn't solve the problem. I find only after I hit the reset button does the video come on.

    My final recommendation - don't get the a7v. It looks to me like there's a manufacturing defect or the QA team never got around to checking out the board before it went to mass production.
  10. Just be ready to read the posts so you can troubleshoot yours. You'll probably have some difficulty with the IRQ's initially. To fix this: make sure the sound card is on PCI Slot 3. Put your modem and Network Card (if you have one) on PCI Slots 4 and 5. Leave Slot 1 and 2 free if you can. Then your next problem is to change the settings in your Hardware Settings. Right click on "My Computer" select "Properties" then "Device Manager." Next right click on "Computer" and select "Properties." Change your Driver (Update Driver) and then choose "Show all devices" or something like that. Select "Standard PC" and that will clean up the IRQ problem. Maybe Asus will release a BIOS that corrects this problem in the future and we can all go back to "ACPI Compliant." But for the time being, all us A7V owners are Standard PC's.

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