FPS Drop with the latest Alienware M15X

Greetings all,
I'm encountering a FPS drop while playing League Of Legends, usually it is capped at 60-64 but occasionally it might drop to 10-13, which i dont know why is that happening? There's no overheating problems etc. I had change from the previous i7 processor to a EXTREME processor (latest & fastest in the world for laptops) & upgraded my graphic cards from 1gb GTX 260m to 1.5gb GTX 460m and i had 8gb of RAMS, BUT STILL, why am i having this problem? previously alienware dont know what problems i had, they replaced heat sink, fans, graphic cards & finally processor, but they can't solve the problems. and finally they replaced the whole system with me upgrading the specs. Even with the latest specs, i'm still having this kind of problems. please help! urgent!
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  1. hello any body care to help?
  2. Do you have all the latest drivers for the system ?
    Was/is there any patch for the game.
    Be sure its not temps problem, install HW monitor- monitor the temps and post back
  3. Hi, thank you for your reply.
    I had the latest drivers of everything.
    It's definitely not the temps problem, because dell had tried replacing everything from heat sink, fans, graphic card & even processor for me. Lastly they gave up and decided to replace a whole new system for me where i went ahead with all the latest upgrade.
    1) i7-840quad mode to i7-940xm (extreme & currently fastest for laptop)
    2) graphic card - gtx 260m to gtx460m
    3) all the way i had 8gb of rams.
    PS: anyway one thing that i think it might be is whether there's any link with the screen size of my laptop. whether is it because its 1920 X 1080 screen size that is giving the graphic card more workload and therefore there's this fps drop? and everytime the fps drop doesnt last more than 2-3 sec. this is my conclusion because, dell tried replacing graphic card, heat sink & fans for me but it did not solve the problem therefore i came up with this conclusion. Bu apparently the upgrade did not help much or at all.

    My last conclusion, is it because of the way the motherboard is organise that is causing such problem? This is definitely way out of the usual judgement but apparently i can't think of any other solutions that enable me to solve this stupid fps drop problems, and its irritating. would love to hear your advices.
  4. Hope to hear from you soon, really desperate to hear out your advices.
  5. hi, anymore helps out there??
    appreciate it if there's any decent advices on what to do from here?
  6. Hey,
    Well is it only on league of legends you experience this particular fps drop ?
    Was windows reinstalled, was the motherboard checked/replaced by them ?
  7. Anyway, i still insist on you monitoring the temps, you never know..
    Use hw monitor-
  8. 55Range said:
    Well is it only on league of legends you experience this particular fps drop ?
    Was windows reinstalled, was the motherboard checked/replaced by them ?

    well it's only the league of legends which i played show the fps, because dota doesn't show any, but both games i encounter both problems. window was reinstall for about 7 times. motherboard was not replaced by them, because they gave up after replacing the processor, therefore they replaced the whole system for me. how to you intend for me to monitor the temp? like whenever i had the fps drop then i check for the temp? is that right?
  9. Hmm, well, first dwl and install HW monitor-


    Play your games.. It will show you idle, min.max temps, thats all needed..
    And abt fps, dwl and install Fraps

    Do this for now.. Post back.
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