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I just installed COD7 black ops few days back. I played the first two missions smoothly but after that an annoying stuttering started. Everything is OK when (in game engine) cinematics play but after that the stuttering starts. I started out with every setting MAXED out. Funny thing is i turn evrything to its lowest possible setting (except res at 1366*768) and the same level level of stuttering still persist. What could be the problem ?

phenom2 x2 550
2gb ddr3
xfx hd4770
seagate sata 500gb
win7enterprise 32 / ultimate 64 (both having same prob)
500w PSU

All components are at stock speeds. I found that during gameplay cpu usage is 100% on both cores and ram usage is 1.72gb
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  1. Black ops is known for its stuttering, patch the game to update 1-
    Resolved many performance issues-
  2. Like said, eventually the programming code was probably not optimized correctly, making the game lags. This, however, is mostly annoying in multiplayer games. You should get the patch.
  3. Yes i got the patch. Still laggy gameplay :( 1 more thing is my x2 550 too slow to run black ops?
  4. Well, it does better with a quad core, better gpu and especially more ram..
  5. overclock that cpu or get a quad core

  6. Me too. I have an E8400@3.0 and it plays ok but not great. Occasional lag spikes. I'm going to try and OC it today if I have time and see if going from 3.0 to 3.4 helps any until I upgrade in a month or two.
  7. hmm i will overclock... better to unlock my cores if i am lucky. but 1 thing i do not understand is that COD7 stutters the SAME with highest and LOWEST settings... :O
  8. hmm i will overclock... better to unlock my cores if i am lucky. but 1 thing i do not understand is that COD7 stutters the SAME with HIGHEST and LOWEST settings...
  9. CPU usage doesn't change with settings, a quad and RAM will work wonders for your fps. My q9550@3.4 plays with a 50 fps minimum (85 at most times).
  10. That's 1900x1200. I've seen the chart for the lower resolution and the MIN jumps dramatically.

    This game doesn't seem to utilize the GPU. I'd drop the resolution and INCREASE the graphics level, AA, etc.

    If you are playing multiplayer, FPS is king. When you get below 40 fps, the game is crap. It's almost unplayable.
  11. ya not much GPU usage at all... my 4770 does not seem to be the bottleneck... sad programming treyarch :(... lyk infinity ward much more
  12. I think i just got it after all... turning OFF cool n quiet in my BIOS did it. :D :D am able to play nice and smooth in highest settings now... though noise is becoming an issue :P
  13. Really??? That easy??? Any idea why that worked?

    I plan on OC'ing my 955 BE, which means I will be turning CnQ off anyway.

    Noise? That's why I wear headphones :-)
  14. ya.. i just completed the game... Actually there was a prob with my MOBO... afterwards i turned cool n quiet ON and evrything was fine...:O.. but i had to apply the patch
  15. Like i said the patch resolved many issues..
  16. Ok, I am freaking CONFUSED on the patch.... I thought the patch came from Steam. Did you guys get the patch elsewhere? If so, where?
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