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I have downloaded and used the Outlook backup program from MS in the past - would not be without it. I just rebuilt my pc and after loading Office pro 2003 I downloaded and installed the backup program - pfbackup.exe. The problem is that it does not show up in Outlook anywhere. I have tried re-installing but am told that the previous version must be removed and that the install program can do it for me. I click yes and then I am told that I must have the program installed before it can be removed so it can be re-installed. Aaaargh !!!!
It does not show up in Add and Remove programs or in Norton Cleansweep so I can't do anything there. I checked the registry for anything to do with pfbackup - nothing.
Any ideas ???

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  1. For me it is listed as "Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup" in add/remove programs.
    What about reinstalling MS office? Maybe that will clear it up.

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