Which Platform - AMD or Intel?

I am building a new system, and have not decided on AMD or Intel. If Intel, I plan on using the ASUS CUSL2 and a P3 800EB. If AMD, I will use the ABIT KT7-RAID with a 900MHZ Thunderbird.

My concerns are the stability issues with the VIA chipsets used on the AMD platforms. Are they less stable then the Intel 815? I am looking for a rock solid system.

My other concern is the power consumption and heat production of the Thunderbird. I will use AMD certified parts (300w power supply and AMD cooling fan). Is the heat produced by the Thunderbird an issue? The P3 uses about half the power and produces less heat. Should I even be concerned about this? My PC will be on 18 hours a day.

I am leaning towards AMD as it is less expensive, but have doubts as to the stability of the platform as a whole.

Any opinions? THANX!
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  1. Heat is not a problem (unless you don't have a heatsink AT ALL). I think people overreact a little too much about the heat issue.

    And also, Intel chips <b>do not</b> use half as much power as the Thunderbird! They use about the same, but the Thunderbird prefers 300 watt or more.

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  2. Quote:

    They use about the same, but the Thunderbird prefers 300 watt or more.

    Why is this? Because the Athlon needs a LOT of power at certain spikes, or because the quality of power decreases as you get close to using the power supply's upper capacity, or because ???

  3. Looks like it'd be more advantageous for you to get the Thunderbird.

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