Dota 2

Cant wait for Dota 2 to come out it will be the game of the year for sure come check it out

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  1. What will be Heroes of Newerth? Oh, I guess it will be different from DotA.
  2. HoN is just like dota with different heroes and graphics are better but dota 2 will smash on Hon
  3. guys

    ice frog is working on league of legends now how can he make dota 2

    if league if legends is the new dota game??

    i think something strange is going on
  4. dude u are trippin hahahahahaha. go get your facts straight. thanks
  5. The tendency of HoN is that it creates more and more 'unique, new' heroes. Because of that, the gameplay atmosphere is more and more astray from original DotA.

    I speculate that not all DotA heroes are ported into HoN because of legal matters, like originality, plagiarism, and simply patent rights.
  6. read this guys im sure of what im saying here
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