What's a good first person shooter?

What's a good first person shooter? I'm looking for a new game. Have played Crysis, Borderlands with several add ons, 2 call of duty's which I am not impressed with, Fallout 3, both Bioshocks, all the Unreals (my favorites,) Left 4 Dead, Fear 2 and some others. Just finished Battlefield, Bad Company 2 which was too short. I would really like to find something new that's like the Unreal Tournaments with lot's of off and on-line maps.

Any suggestions would be apreciated.
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  1. Try far cry,

    far cry 2 is fun, maybe the bugs are fixed which would mean its an amazing game.
  2. 2 votes for Farcry 2. I think I just might give it a try.
  3. Robox Invasion is small, but it is fun. Also, fast to download due to the size.
  4. Try Stalker series (with mods).

    Thats my fav first person shooter series. (Now playing Lost alpha).
  5. Four year old post guys....really??? :)
  6. Counter Strike Source / Global Offensive FTW! :D
  7. Hahaha, Didnt realize at all...Zombie thread detected!
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