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My brother-in-law has recently built a system around an ABIT KT7 board. It uses a Geforce MX as video card (don't know the brand).
The system runs WinME; there are no additional drivers installed except for the Geforce card which uses the Win9x 6.31 driver.
The strange thing is: after starting Windows the system freezes for several seconds and then continues working normally.
Is this a known issue?
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  1. I also have a KT7 motherboard, but the freeze problem I have is common to all systems I've worked on with Microsoft Intellipoint Mice in Win98, 98SE, and 98ME. I've seen systems freeze for about 5 seconds shortly after the desktop is displayed. During this time there's an hourglass next to the mouse cursor. Systems without an Intellipoint mouse don't seem exhibit this freeze behavior.
  2. I'm going to ask you to define "freezing". How does it freeze? Black screen? or the windows bar at the bottom stops moving?
  3. The system just stops responding. No more mouse movements, tray clock stops etc. After a while, everything works fine again...
  4. I have actually seen real player cause this problem on some systems. I am leaning towards a software related problem here and not hardware. For starters, disable every resident program you have loading on startup. See if this stops the problem, if it does slowly turn them back on one at a time to see what causes this.

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