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Hello, Is posible to updrade multiple copmuters from windows xp to windows 7 using Acronis?PLEASE HELP
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  1. Acronis is backup/restore software. How did you plan on upgrading from XP to Win7 with it? Even if you had a backup of a Win7 system there is no guarantee the coreect drivers would be installed if you were to restore to another computer.

    I don't think it can be done or at least not easily. Why not just do a custom install of win7? It should just rename your old windows (XP) directory to windows.old so that you can still access any files if you need to.
  2. You can't upgrade XP to 7 directly you need to install a fresh copy.

    You can setup a Windows 7 base image and restore it on several PCs, this will require some configuring on your part though.

    This link has a pretty simple guide, and there are some links at the bottom of that page that can offer you more guidance.
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