I have a ps to pc usb adapter I have usually bought from that I decided to try and run at a time and use my ps2 controller for gaming, anyway, something goes wrong, and out of the blue I am confused. I will explain what I mean:

I decided to connect my controller to it, and use it in various things, such as video games, heck even tested out emulators and the set ups they have, including online games, and for some reason the Analog sticks seem dead and shot in it. The mapping goes to the d pad and other areas, and you can not do anything with out the analog sticks in some cases, so I just want it to work.

The cd it came with is Vinyson V811 Usb joypad driver. When installed you look inside control panels and go to the gaming devices, does not matter which OS, (xp,vista, and windows 7), there you can calibrate the settings, and trust me it all looks crappy. I tried it with out the drivers and with them, I can only get the d-pad moving, on the axis, no response from the analog stick at all. neither analog stick in emulators work. I even chose to see an emulator and noticed it was strange it used analog sticks but no response from either pad, as if the analog were disabled.

Now are ps2 controllers supposed to light up in analog mode? as in you can push the button for analog and it should turn red basically for on and off? I hit it and no lights come on, but I sworn when I messed with it on ps2 it was working. Some one else I think had a problem similar to mine...

like I said when I got this it said ps to pc usb adapter and came with that cd as I stated, just confuses me. Is there driver version this can work with? I mean I got ps2 controllers to work before on the pc but it was different adapters tbh...
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  1. anyone have any information :D?
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