Glitchy Framerates Even On Low Settings

Recently, I have noticed that the framerates in my games has plummeted to a point where they are just not playable. Saints Row, GTA IV, Crysis, NFS Shift ect, these games all used to play great with high/highest settings but now even on the lowest settings they are unplayable. The game will maybe play fine for afew seconds, then slows down for a few more seconds, then fine for few and it doesn't change if I change the game's graphics settings.

Motherboard - Gigabyte EG41MF-S2H
Processor - E5200 @ 4.00GHz
GPU - ATI 4870
550 Watt PSU.

Thanks for Replies.
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  1. you could reinstall the graphics drivers
  2. is anything overheating?
  3. Nope, all temps are around the 30-40 mark. Processor sometimes goes up to 50.
    Do you think that may be too hot for my Processor?

  4. No i don't think thats to hot. uhh how is your e5200 @4.0ghz? overclocking? becuase thats a massive overclock.
  5. 40 c for a 4ghz oc, thats pretty not overheating!
    Do as suggested By Dipankar, remove your current gpu driver and re install it, ofc check for any updated driver too.
  6. Yeah, I use the H50 watercooling unit, and I live in Scotland so it is always chilly.

    I've reinstalled drivers and there hasn't been much improvement. Crysis is much better despite a LOT of crackling with the sound. Saints Row hasn't improved though, is there anything else I could try?

  7. well i mean you could try reinstalling your OS. but i cant guarantee that it would do anything. just as a last resort if you cant find any other solution
  8. Reinstalling your OS is ideal but tedious task unless your fond of it.

    If your system was running at an optimal state before this is due to either software or hardware changes/issues on your system.

    Verify that you did not add new hardware components or encounter any anomalies with your hardware like memory errors or hard drive failures, if none this just a software related issue.

    Verify that you did not add new software as well as any issues with new or old installed software. You may check your operating system's log file to see what error and details it pertains to. Malwares are a thing to check for as well and check your resources for memory hogging applications. Your anti-virus/spyware program may also cause issues such as this because of it's real time protection. You can safely test this by turning your internet off then disabling your AV then running your game. There are also services that may cause this issue and corrupted caching. Fragmented file system may also cause this issue as well as not enough disk space.

    These are the normal isolation check list to catch your culprit.

    It'll be a walk in the part for you to undo the problem by using the process of elimination especially when you attest that your system was running fine before without any hitches, glitches, hiccups or lags.
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