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Which STALKER game?

I'm in the process of getting a new computer (as soon as SB is released) and am looking for a few games to get. Some info:

I haven't had a gaming computer for at least 10 years -- my last computer, 1.7ghz laptop wasn't good for much and that died about 6 months ago.
I'm planning on getting a 2500k and $200-300 on a graphics cards. I'm curious about the GTX560 (if that actually gets released anytime soon) and the 6950, otherwise a 6870.
I don't have much time to play (only about 6-8 hrs a week) so I want to be fairly picky about what games I choose (hence this thread).

I've mostly decided on starting with STALKER but am not sure which one. Due to limited game-playing time I'm not sure I'd ever get through all of the them (I'd probably be tempted away by something else) and am curious if I should start with the first one for plot sake or start with the last for better graphics, stability (and the weapon upgrade system). I'm leaning towards the last, right now.

The other three games I'm thinking about (for genre variety) are Medieval II, Company of Heroes, and Dragon Age. Remember, the most recent games I've played are about a decade old. I haven't even played half-life 2, but these others seam more appealing.

Any suggestions for which, say, four games you'd recommend for me? I really just don't know what's out there now.

Misc interests in games:
hybrid types (rpg/fps or rpg/rts)
iron sights in fps
(semi-)realism (think raven shield more than quake)
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  1. Steam quite likely will do a STALKER bundle or deal over Christmas which won't cost much. Same with Company of Heroes, and possibly Medieval II. (all great games IMO)

    Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat are the good STALKERS, or so I hear. Clear Sky: Apparently not so good.

    HL2 is well worth playing, but lacks Iron Sights.

    If you like a good deal of realism, I hear ArmA II and Operation Arrowhead are good.
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    Try getting the Stalker shadow of chernobyl. It's the first game of the three stalker release. If you happen to appreciate this one then I'm sure you'll like the other two especially pripyat cause clear sky is quite buggy.
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