Where's the #1 place online to get computer parts?

Where's the #1 place online to get computer parts? Cheap and high quality for building pc's.

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  1. I would have to say www.pricewatch.com

    It's AWSOME!
  2. I recommend www.buy.com--free shipping on orders >$100 right now.

    :cool: James
  3. I'm guessing he means resellers. I agree, pricewatch is the place to go for computer pricing and shopping in general, but you can't actually order parts from them. The problem I've had with pricewatch is that you have to be careful who you order from. Someone advertising the all-time low price is probably going to rip you off. My tendency is to buy 10% of the way up the list for a product. So I pay a bit more than the cheapest, but it gets to me. :)

  4. Thats cause your suppost to say that you got their price from PriceWatch, and they'll give it to you at the price that pricwatch had. :)
  5. check out http://www.mwave.com
    i've seen their prices seem to be very good. i've not bought from them yet, but their site at least is decent, which is to me a good sign that they're semi-reputable. i don't even buy from a site with a crappy, home made web page


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  6. I had mixed experience last month ordering online.
    Components direct was horrible. Two cards came crushed and they wouln,t take them back. Bad customer service.
    Buy.com was great. They have great tracking and great customer service. If they have what you want buy from them.
  7. http://www.resellerratings.com
    before you order, check your reseller on this site
  8. I was just referring to the occassional scam running on pricewatch. Some of those places aren't legit and will rip you off once they get your credit card. I believe that with a little bit of common sense, though, it can be avoided. Also, as mentioned in the post by sygurd, you can check some websites with reseller ratings.

  9. I have used mwave.com for the last three years and they have the best prices/warranty/service available. For me I live near them and can do will call. I have also used their shipping and it came on time and was in great shape. They are also good with returns too.
  10. I just bought a Promise Ultra100 controller (hack, hack, solder, solder... he, he) from <A HREF="http://www.z-buy.com" target="_new">http://www.z-buy.com</A> and recieved it three days later! I got an instant e-mail notification, they e-mailed me the tracking number the next day when they shipped it, and they gave me <b>free</b> two day FedEx shipping! That's what I call great service.
  11. Note: watch shipping costs and buying from one place may save in shipping even if a little more $$$ you may save more $$$$$$$ in shipping!

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