Shouls I Upgrade to Win XP SP2 or Not ?


I have Win XP ( Home ) SP1.

I want to download & install SP2 but I have heard that some people are having problems with one of the applications after they upgraded to SP2.

I am no computer expert and would not be able to solve any complications if I do run into problems.

My question is :

(1)Are other people are having problems after upgrading to SP2? If yes, what are the problems?

(2)Does Win XP (Home) also has SP2 & What am I missing if I don’t upgrade to SP2?

(3)Recently I heard on CNBC that there is another patch after even SP2. Is that true and if yes what is it about and how will that help?

(4)Can I just install that patch without installing SP2?

Thank You.

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  1. We have installed SP2 on loads of systems. In the main it works fine but occasionally we've seen it corrupt the video driver. Once you reinstall the driver it then works fine. For a list of common software problems visit Microsoft at If you want to contact us directly visit
  2. There will always have to keep patching via windows upate, but SP2 is the latest service pack.

    When I tried upgrading to SP2 after using XP for about two years it was real buggy, I had to restore from the ghost image I made before upgrading.

    Later when I did restored from an even earlier ghost image and then upgraded and it worked great.

    If you willing/able to backup your system first, then try SP2.

    If not then learn how to backup your system first.
  3. I am not computer expert so I like simple methods.

    I have heard about a software called Xact Copy ( ) which makes an exact copy of your hard drive and does incrementle back ups.

    Does anybody have any experience wth it?

    What are the other ways to do it and names of the software ( URLs ) Please.

    Thank You
  4. I have had very good experiences with Symantec's Norton Ghost 2001-2003 and Ghost 9, so I have not really tested other solutions.

    But regular OS partion backups are essential to your sanity!

    Incremental backups without having to restart Windows (Ghost 9) are a definate plus. No more excuses not to be safe.
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