Bf2 using too much proccesing power

Hello, I used to run BF2 on a Machine not even that well built and it ran fine. I built a computer and the BF2 worked fine but then out of nowhere I'm getting400-1023 ping in game. I spend more timewith connection problems then I do playing. This happened out of nowhere. It also instead of using like 90,000 to 100,000( I have no idea if this is normal or not) It's using 700,000 on processes in Task Manager. Does someone have a solution? I've forwarded ports, changed my adapter to a gaming profile, I have made exceptions in my firewall. Turned all Anti virus and anti spyware off, and reinstalled. I have windows 7 home premium 64 bit(I also might try switching to 32bit if no one has a solution) Intel dual core 2.93ghz, nVidia 9800gt 1 gig, 4 gigs of ram(will upgrade to 8 soon)EP43 gigabyt mothorboard. I don't know what else to put.
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  1. Kindly post your system specs for both systems, it'll help with the clarification and other stuff.

    - Did you let Windows install the updates?
    - Did you install the AV before or after the game?
    - Did you ran the game online before the updates kicks in
    - Did you ran the game online before installing the AV

    Yes it is normal if you are referring to the memory being used by the game under the Processes tab. Normally on load a game may use less than 100,000KB then after when it has loaded most of the textures, audio and etc. it may rise to less than 1GB sometimes more depending on the game and how much ram you have that it can use.

    The "ping" issue is not related to your game, it's with your connection and the factor of what has been installed on your operating system.
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